The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 21--Oct. 29, 1795. Jorden Anderson vs. Bazil Bridgeman and Elizabeth Goodwin. Death of Bridgeman being suggested, case continued vs. Elizabeth Goodwin.

Page 36--Oct. 30, 1795. Miss Patsy Williamson chooses Mrs. John Griffin, guardian, 5000 bond, Micajah Williamson, Jr. Security.

Page 56--July 5, 1796. William Jermany chooses Joseph Staton, guardian. William Hughes and Richard Heard, Security.

Page 57--Alex. Moss appointed guardian of Micajah Moss, orphan of Fleming Moss. James Thurmond, Security. James Thurmond appointed guardian of Benjamin, orphan of Benjamin Thurmond, dec'd. Alex. Moss, Security.

Page 64--July 6, 1796. Permission to Precious C. Crenshaw, Admx. of Jesse Crenshaw, dec'd to sell 181 acres on Hardins creek.

Page 66--July 7, 1796. Permission to sell 287 1/2 acres on Shoulderbone creek, Hancock Co., part of the real estate of Wm. Kelley, dec'd.

Page 71--Samuel, orphan of Elizabeth Bentley chooses Phillip Moss, guardian. Alex Moss and Benjamin Thomas, Security.

Page 83--July 9, 1796. James Armstrong vs. Benjamin Turner. Col. Wiley Pope, the garnishee, being asked what he was indebted to Benjamin Turner, the absent debtor, answered there was a certain payroll in his hands by the agent of the War Department which says said Benjamin is due $159.75 whenever said Benjamin comes forward to sign for it, that he would be obliged to pay him according to instructions.

Page 84-85-86--James Armstrong vs. Absolom, Benjamin and Thomas Hart, Thomas Violet, James Kirby, Jeremiah Conaway, William Ladson, John Spann, Henry Meekins, Thomas Megeath, Wm. Brocus, and Wm. Carson. Col. Pope said the same amount due Absolom Hart, nothing due Benj. Hart, Thomas Violet same amount as Absolom Hart, had paid Thomas Hart $74.84, due James Kirby $196.84, due Jeremiah Conaway $89.48, due William Ladson $99.84, due John Spann $41.44, due Henry Meekins $62.32, due Thomas Megeath $249.63, due Wm. Carson.


Page 3--Col. Wylie Pope, paymaster for Militia of Ga., says he can not be garnisheed for pay due the above mentioned men because of instructions to the contrary from the War Dept.

Page 9--July 18, 1796. Gilbert Hay, John McCarter and Benjamin Easley of Washington Lodge No. 5 given permission to add one story or a Dutch roof to the courthouse for a lodge room.

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Page 10--Sept. 3, 1796. Permission given John Griffin one of the Admrs of Harwood Goodwin, dec'd to sell land, one tract of 287 1/2 acres on Shoulderbone creek, Hancock Co., 400 acres on Kittle creek whereon the dec'd resided and 400 acres below Washington.

Page 24--Dec. 7, 1796. Robert Kilgore vs Robert Kilgore, attachment. William Stark garnishee says he has two thousand weight of tobacco which he is bound to pay the defendant for his distributive share for a tract of land in his possession.

Page 83--Jan. 9, 1797. Clinton Johnson a child in possession of John Heard, bound to said Heard till twenty-one. Powell Stamper, 14 years old, orphan of Josiah Stamper bound to Robert Buckner till 21 to learn saddlery.

Page 84--Ebenezer Hays, 7 years old, son of Sarah Hays, bound to John Henley, Jr., till 21 to learn the art of carpentry.