The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 1--Apr. 8, 1794. Thomas Dearing exempted from poll tax.

Page 4--James Williams vs. Clayborn Crawford, abated by death of plaintiff.

Page 5--James Williams vs. Henry Jones, abated by death of plaintiff.

Page 10--Apr. 9, 1794. Daniel Price, T. C. ordered to pay William Crawford for building a bridge across Kettle creek.

Page 11--Cornelius Keeth exempted from poll tax.

Page 16--Apr. 10, 1794. Thomas Wingfield, Jr., and John Freeman appointed Commissioners of the poor in the room of James McCormick who now lives in Warren Co., and Jacob Early, dec'd. Edward Butler, Treas.

Page 18--William Jones appointed Constable in Capt. Turner's Dist. William Norman in Capt. Ragland's Dist.

Page 19--James Boren appointed Surveyor of the road from Washington to Petersburg in place of Seth Thompson. Benjamin Martin in place of Major Long, from said bridge to Stephen Doss's. William Conner exempted from poll tax.

Page 27--Apr. 11, 1794. Nicholas Jarrett exempted from poll tax.

Page 29--Donald Bruce vs. Jaque Roquemore.

Page 33--Apr. 12, 1794. William Hammett fined for contempt of court.

Page 34--Apr. 14, 1794. James McCommins, orphan, age 7 years July 12, next, bound to Edward Stevens to learn the trade of blacksmith.

Page 36--William Peyton, orphan, bound to Thomas Gresham till 21, to learn the carpenters trade.

Page 37--Rebeckah Turner, widow of Mesheck Turner, dec'd. asks that James Turner be appointed guardian of Polly, infant of said Mesheck.

Page 41--Apr. 15, 1794. 200 acres on head of Clarks creek adj. John Routon, property of Thomas McDowell, dec'd. to be sold for the benefit of the creditors. Also land of Jacob Early dec'd be sold, viz. 100 acres on Long creek adj. Fanning and Allens Iron Works, Oglethorpe Co., 90 acres on south side Beaverdam creek adj. Joel Early and Joseph Crockett, 200

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acres adj. John Graham and the heirs of Robert Carr and Gabriel Toombs.

Page 46--George Barnes vs. George Dooly. William Bibb garnishee swears that he has in his possession only a release from Robert Taylor to George Dooly for 287 1/2 acres in Franklin Co., one from William Dooly to George Dooly for 200 acres in Abbeville Co. S. C., one each from Bradley Hails, Elijah Dunnisin, John Hampton to 287 1/2 acres in Franklin Co., and one land warrant to Matthew M. Mann for 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co. Bonds for title from Eady Dunifin, Sarah White, George Neal, Jr., Thos. Carson, Rowland Burks, Robt. Mitchell and 200 acres in Wilkes Co., said to be the property of George Dooly, now lying on the waters of Fishing creek.

Page 47--Redman Thornton paid for building a bridge over North Fork of Little river at Armours old ford.

Page 55--Apr. 17, 1794. Mary Burgamy, orphan of John Burgamy, chooses William Dawson or Dowson, guardian. James Lyons and Alex Johnson, Security.

Page 72--Apr. 19, 1794. On motion of Peter Carnes, Atty for the Admrs of Anthony Verdell, dec'd. order to sell land in Franklin and Wilkes Co., for benefit of the creditors.

Page 113--Oct. 8, 1794. Buckner Harris appointed guardian of John, orphan of Daniel Coleman, Esqr. dec'd.

Page 120--Oct. 9, 1794. Absolom Ramey appointed guardian of Nancy, Sarah, Daniel, Francis, and Edmond, orphans of Presley Ramey, dec'd. Spencer Branham, John and Wm. Ramey, Security.

Page 125--John Derricott, Casey Asque and Lewis Barrett appointed inspectors of tobacco at the town of Washington.

Page 127--Apr. 4, 1795. Daniel and Edmund, orphans of Presley Ramey, dec'd. bound as apprentices to Absolom Ramey to learn the trade or carpenter, Nancy bound to Mrs. Anna Gilham, Sally and Fanny bound to Alex. Anderson, all orphans of Presley Ramey, dec'd.

Page 128--James Matthews and Isaac Wilbourne, Excrs. of William Wilbourne, dec'd. given permission to sell 100 acres on Clarks creek to satisfy creditors and for the benefit of the heirs.

Page 129--Sarah and John Trammill, Admrs. of John Brownfield, dec'd. permission to sell 300 acres on Clarks creek. Jordan Anderson appointed guardian of James and William, orphans of Harwood Goodwin, dec'd. Nathaniel Bullock, Security.

Page 130--Peter B. Terrell and Bernard Moore appointed guardians of William and Polly Ragland Terrell, orphans of Joel Terrell, dec'd. William

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Terrell, Security. James Hopkins bound to Richard Reveare till majority. John Grisham and Elizabeth Scott, Admrs. of John Scott, dec'd. allowed to sell 400 acres on Kittle creek.

Page 132--Apr. 8, 1795. Sally orphan of Elizabeth Cheavis, dec'd. chooses James McLean, guardian and he is appointed guardian of Polly and Betsy Cheavis, orphans of said dec'd, Aaron Lipham, Security.

Page 133--Robert Ware, William Dawson, John Winn and John Matthews appointed Commissioners to confer with Commissioners of Columbia Co., to build a bridge across Little river at Basil Lamar's or purchase the old bridge at this place.

Page 135--Application to sell land of Henry Mounger, dec'd. 314 acres near Washington, where he lived and 287 1/2 acres in Hancock Co. adj. lands surveyed for Gen. Glascock. Benj. Catching, Edwin Mounger, Nathaniel Willis, Admrs.

Page 137--Eleanor Shannon and her son Owen ordered to appear before the court next Thursday to show cause for not delivering to Thomas Shannon, a slave. Richard Lewis bound to Thomas ..... by the court.

Page 138--Apr. 14, 1795. Capt. John Holmes and Pitman Milner appointed road surveyors. Edward Butler appointed guardian of Henry, orphan of Peter Terrell, dec'd, John Derricott, Security.

Page 143--Oct. 6, 1795. John Ogletree and wife appointed guardian of Polly Harris Phillips, orphan of William Phillips, dec'd, Thomas and George Tucker, Security.

Page 146--John Ramey appointed guardian of Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and George Heard. Charles Deane, Jr., and Absolom Ramey, Security, The following item crossed out but given for the genealogical matter it contains: James and Farish Carter choose their brother John M. Carter guardian. Wm. C. Gilbert and Buckner Harris, Security.

Page 147--Oct. 7, 1795. James and Farish Carter, minors of James Carter dec'd, choose John M. Carter guardian. Mrs. Maxwell another minor of James Carter, dec'd, being under age, chooses William Maxwell guardian.

Page 151--Frances Terrell chooses her brother Thomas Terrell, guardian and he is appointed guardian of Charles and Henry Terrell, all orphans of Peter Terrell, dec'd. John and David Terrell, Security.

Page 165--Oct. 9, 1795. John Harris chooses Walton Harris, guardian, Buckner Harris, Security.

Page 171--Oct. 10, 1795. Barnett Brewer, Admr. of Anthony Verdell, dec'd given permission to sell land.

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