The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 9--May 7, 1792. Thomas P. and Peter Carnes, Seaborn Jones, Richard Dickinson, George Walker, William Stith, Robert Watkins, Benjamin Porter, Joseph Huntington, Samuel Blackburn, John Matthews, Peter J. Carnes, Florence Sullivan, John C. Walton, John Griffin, Elihu Lyman, William Williamson and Nathaniel H. Churchill authorized to issue and sign subpoenas in civil cases in one or either of our names to either the Inferior or Superior Court of Wilkes Co. Signed B. Catching, C. I. C. W. C. Henry Mounger, C. I. C. W. C.

Page 12--Road to be opened from the Columbia line where Scotts Ferry Road ends to Ogeechee at or above Lexington. Andrew Burns, William Stith, Jr., James McCormick and David Neal, Commissioners. On petition of John Barksdale his ferry over the Savannah continued. John Torrence, Solomon Newsom, Levy Pruett, Amos Wright, and David Neal report on the advisability of opening a road from Williamson's Bridge on Little river to the road leading from Wrightsboro to Savannah. John Wingfield, son of Thomas, Thomas Brown and John Mills appointed Commissioners of road from Washington to Starks Mill on Little river. Ordered a bridge built over Little river at Phillips Mill. Edward Butler, Spencer Branham, Peter Terrell, and Thomas Wingfield, Jr., Commissioners.

Page 16--May 9, 1792. Ordered that Thomas Asbell an orphan who appears to have been bound in Md. to John Rogers, to learn the saddlers trade, confirmed in this county to serve till Oct. 10, 1798.

Page 17--Thomas Gates an orphan chooses Sydnor Cosby guardian to learn the occupation of farmer.

Page 21--May 10, 1792. Jesse Johnson, son of Jacob Johnson, dec'd age 17 years Aug. 8, 1792, asks to be bound as apprentice to John Colley to learn the bricklayers trade.

Page 25--May 11, 1792--Recommended that David Meriwether, John Derecott and Casey Asque be appointed inspectors and Powell Stamper and Benjamin Elliott pickers and coopers at the tobacco inspection in Washington.

Page 29--Osborn and Robert King, orphans to be bound out according to law.

Page 35--May 12, 1792. Holman Freeman and Micajah McGehee to build a bridge over Long creek at Gunnells, agreeable to an order of Superior Court, July Term 1791.

Page 41--Oct. 31, 1792. Edward Traylor, orphan of William Traylor, chooses Randolph Traylor guardian, Mary Traylor chooses John Banks, Frances Traylor chooses James Brooks and he is appointed by the court guardian of Milley Traylor, all orphans of William Traylor, dec'd.

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Page 43--Ordered that Lazarius and Jacob Summerlin be bound to John Pendleton Campble, Thomas to Jacob Easley or Early, Henry to James Hart and Francis to Richard McCree, all orphans of Henry Summerlin, dec'd. Isaiah Goldsby appointed guardian of John Cosby Goldsby, orphan of Peter Goldsby.

Page 44--William Spree vs. Benjamin Rigdon Smith. David Hillhouse who was summoned as garnishee says he was indebted to Thomas Williams of N. C. in a large sum, that said Williams gave power of attorney to Bazell and Banjamin Rigdon Smith, that he wanted to see to whom it should be paid.

Page 45--Thomas Lindsey appointed guardian of Hezekiah and Benjamin Lindsey for the purpose of bringing suit to recover land.

Page 47--Anderson Comer vs. John Pope, son of Barnaby Pope.

Page 48--William Smith, an orphan, bound to Boury Williams.

Page 53--Nov. 1, 1792. Sally Creswell bound to Thomas Talbot, James Creswell bound to John Quearns, Reason Creswell bound to David Creswell, Esqr., all orphans of David Creswell, dec'd. Osborne King an orphan bound to Col. Bedford Brown.

Page 57--2nd. Tuesday Apr. 1792. Edward Oxford released from paying poll tax.

Page 59--On petition of Arthur Fort and John Hammell, John Ledbetter appointed Constable in Fort's District.

Page 60--William Heard asks that Jesse Heard, Esqr. be appointed his guardian, granted, William Cole, Security.

Page 64--Apr. 10, 1793. Michael Thomas orphan of Michael Thomas, dec'd. chooses his brother William Thomas guardian, William Mims and James Boon, Security.

Page 65--John and Simon Milner, orphans of Willis Milner, dec'd. choose John Milner guardian, Richard Worsham, Security. Robert Flemming released from paying poll tax.

Page 72--Apr. 11, 1793. James and Nancy Crew choose Martin Crew guardian, George Barber and Francis Callaway, Security.

Page 73--Agatha Crews appointed guardian of David, Frances, and Elizabeth Crews, orphans of Stanley Crews. David Bagby bound to John Walker for three years to learn the trade of carpenter.

Page 74--Hickerson Cosby appointed Constable in Groves Batt. John Wingfield's Dist.

Page 75--Gibson Wooldridge appointed Constable in Doolys Batt. Thomas Murray's Dist.

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Page 85--Apr. 13, 1793. On motion of M. Watkins, Atty for the heirs and representatives founded upon a petition of Jesse Cox and wife Mary, Admrs of estate of Richard Aycock, dec'd, permission to sell 350 acres on Indian creek, 300 acres adj. Holman Freeman, 250 acres adj. Wylie Pope for the benefit of the heirs.