The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
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[WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA] Minutes of Inferior Court Remnant--1790

First Inferior Court according to an Act of the General Assembly at Augusta Dec. 3, 1789, entitled an Act for regulating the Judiciary Departments of this State.

Jury drawn for Inferior Court Feb. 22, 1790. Edward Palmer, William Embry, Elijah Gentry, Hugh Jones, Richard Golsby, Thomas Cooper, James Lane, Thomas Norton, John Smith, Dunkin Bohannon, Seth Stubblefield, Thomas Bussey, Thomas Hooper, John Huddleston, Thom-As Leverett, James Williamson, Thomas Hitche, Sherod Smith, Nathaniel Bridges, John Embree, Mark Phillips, William Fletcher, Sessoms Blake, John Lawrence.
Present the Hon. John King, John Talbot, Edward Butler, Esqrs. William Moss vs. Hugh Saxon. William Shorter vs. James Hulings.

Tavern Rates: Corn per gal. 7d. Oats pr. gal. 6d.
Stallage and fodder, per night, 8d. Good hot dinner, 1/6.
Breakfast, 1/. Supper, 1/. Lodging, 6d.
Spirits; Jamaica Rum, pr half pint, 1/ Brandy & Whiskey 1/. Northward Rum, 7d. Wine per bottle, 2/6.
Sider and strong bear per quart, 8d. Pasturage 24 hours. 8d.

The following appointed constables for the year; Willis Pope, Joseph Henderson, Jeremiah Wootten, Lesley Coats, John Conner, John McLroy, Daniel Gunnells, Samuel Patton, Charles Carguile, Archelaus Harris, Henry Leverett, Abraham Hammons, William Easter, Nicholas Ware, Robert Taylor, Robert Wells.

Jurors drawn for May Term 1790: George Young, Jr., William Hitchcock, John Hill, George Tucker, Moody Jinnings, Henry Angling, John Tanner, John Winston, James Wade, John Lockhart, Moses Potts, Henry Hurley, Charles Woodall, Richard Banks, John Aspy, Jacob Carter, Joseph Embry, Thomas Robertson, Thomas Johnson, John Robertson, William Patterson, Wm. Johnson, William Wallace, Richard Moore, Jordan Anderson, Abraham Booth, Nathaniel Porter, Archibald Thompson, Archibald Hodge, John Culpepper, John McLean, John Blakey, John Dimond, Samuel Thomas, Robert Cammell, James Wilson.

Court held Monday May 24, 1790. Present John King, Absolom Bedell, Edward Butler, Benjamin Talliaferro, John Talbot. In two cases of Benjamin Porter & Moses Mills vs Charles and Lewis Sewell, the

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Sewells promise to pay or surrender themselves to the common Goal of this County.

May 25, 1790--Admrs. of McDowell vs. Peter Bond. John Nelson is appointed to make an inventory of Bond's effects, "called the absent debtor." One Still 95 gals., 1 copper Kittle 40 gals. 5 old working hogsheads, some cotton, 1 iron ladle, 1 old bridle without ranes, 1 tea cup, two saucers and 1 old Jackett. William Nelson seems to have had better luck, as he reported, 31 teapots, 10 frying pans, 6 tea kittles, 2 pr. Flat Irons, 15 pr. cotton cards, 6 funnells, 1 1/2 kegs powder, 8 chests of Hdkfs, 2 Lawn Hdkfs, 9 sugar dishes, 2 cream Juggs, 32 pr. sleeve buttons, 2 pr. bridle bits. 1 snuff box, 5 oz. Thread, 10 boxes each of Hoopers & Andersons pills, 14 pr. buckles, 4 gimlets, 1 pr Spectacles, 1 Spelling book, 1 Traders Guide, 2 testaments, 4 Bibles, 2 pr womens shoes, 15 papers needles, 6 pr Knee buckles, 1 Primmer, 60 lb coperas, 30 lb Soap, 10 deer skins, 2 doz coat buttons, silver, two books. Probably a merchant, one of the earliest. No record of getting up with Peter to collect the debt. Probably these two were not able or willing to locate all Peter's property as John Rice came in with this inventory; 136 lbs. coperas, 1 bagg of Tamrons (?) 31 lbs., 1 box soap, 95 gross, 3 steel traps, 26 handles, 3 scrapes, 3 funnells, Guilt Tumblers, 1 Glass, 224 lb. sugar, 44 lbs Coffee, 1 whiskey barrell, 4 sacks, 15 bus. salt, 1 keg of hops, 2 earthen dishes, 1 set money scales.

Must have been a combination of general merchandise and barkeeper, selling his own home brew.

Monday Aug. 23, 1790--Jurors drawn; Bryan Mooney, Wiseman Bridges, John Smith, George Douglas, George Hambleton, William Graves, Robert Thompson, John Gibson, George Whitsill, Robert Morrow, Barnard Kelley, John Fling. Barnard Kelly, Foreman. Cases; Joseph George vs Joseph L. Sharp. Stephen Heard vs. John Heard, Jr., Admr. of Barnard Heard.

Ordered that Thomas Bush, Robert Tate and James Thomas be appointed inspectors of Tobacco at Forts Warehouse on the river Ogeechee.

Nov. Term 1790--James Patton vs. Joseph Wilson. Ordered that John Earls, David Dickey and James Logan appear at John Earls house in Rutherford Co. N. C. to take the deposition of George Barclay in the above case.

August Term 1791--William Greaves attached the following grants in the hands of Henry Mounger: One in name of Levin Watson for 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co., one in name of George Walton for 462 1/2 acres in Franklin Co., also 400 acres in Franklin Co. and one in name of Dennis Lindsey for 575 acres Washington Co., one in name of Henry McKinney for 287 1/2 acres Washington Co.

Aug. 24, 1791--On petition of Peter Carnes, William Hays, 18 years old

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minor son of David Hays, dec'd allowed to choose Wyley Pope, guardian.

Aug. 26, 1791--Mary Johnson orphan of Joshua Johnson, dec'd chooses Henry A. Pope, guardian. Benjamin Blake appointed guardian of Allen and Clara Johnson orphans of Joshua also.
Ordered that the deposition of John McCoy be taken in Edgefield, S. C., before Equilla Miles and Hugh Middleton at the home of Equilla in a case of John Talbot vs. James Lyon. James Mitchell vs. Robert Abercrombie. Ordered that the deposition of James Carrington be taken by William Courtney and John Taylor, J. Ps., for Orange Co. N. C., to be taken at Hillsborough.

Aug. 26, 1791--Benoni Hansford vs. Benjamin Porter. Deposition of John Frazier and wife to be taken at Edgefield, S. C. Courthouse. Ordered that any J. P. in Orange Co. Va., take the deposition of Thomas Finnell and William Hansford.

May 2, 1792--Thomas Bush, Robert Tate and John Wallace recommended to the Gov. for appointment as inspectors at George Town. Josiah Jordan and Thomas Duke ask that a guardian be appointed for Nancy Broughton, 5 years old.

May 3, 1792--Bartllett Brown of legal age, son of Jesse Brown of Va., chooses Peter Puckett guardian. Robert Taylor appointed guardian of Devenport and William Taylor, minors.

At a Land Court begun in the town of Washington Feb. 1, 1790, the following persons named in the Commission from his Excellency the Governor, bearing date the 13th of Jan. 1790, met and took the oath of office as Justices of the Peace for Wilkes Co. "I, A. B. do solemnly swear that I will administer justice without respect to persons and do equal right to the poor and the rich and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties incumbent on me as a Justice of the Peace for the county of Wilkes agreeable to the constitution and laws of the State and according to the best of my ability and understanding (so help me God)". We and each of us do also swear that we will support the Constitution of the United States., John King, Absolom Bedell, John Talbot, Benjamin Talliaferro, Edward Butler, Wm. Terrell, Frederick Sims, Benjamin Catching, William Morgan, William Downs, Thomas Wootten, Harry Culdwell, Wm. Gilbert, John Moore, Sydnor Cosby, Holman Freeman, Wm. Hammett, Henry Ware, Joseph Pannell, Henry Mounger, John Cunningham, Richard Worsham, Thomas B. Scott, John Bush, William Rogers, Jesse Heard, Wm. Moss, ..... Criswell, ..... Puckett, James McCormick, Andrew Burns, John Torrence, Spencer Branham, William Bibb, John Lumpkin, Jacob Earley, Hezekiah Bussey, Isaac Harbert, Arthur Fort, Josiah Cole, William Moore, Levy Prewett, Joseph Anthony.

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