The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.

[WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA] Inventories and Appraisements Dec. 20, 1784 to Apr. 10, 1798. Indexed.

A great deal of interesting information in this book for the descendants of these people. Only the material necessary for proof of descent taken.

Page 27--ASHMORE, CLARY, dec'd. Inventory recorded Apr. 7, 1795. Richard Madden, Wm. Lunsford, Jesse Johnston, apprs.

Page 81--AYCOCK, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory July 12, 1796. John Pope, Wm., and Matthew Talbot, apprs.

Page 87--ARNOLD, MOSES, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 11, 1796. Jos. Staton, Daniel Loyd, John Bankston, apprs.

Page 139--AUSTON, RICHARD, dec'd. List of debts, Sept. 20, 1798, given in by Stephen Heard, admr. Edward Young due 1780. Wm. Espey due 1780. John Linn due 1768. S. C. Currency, Mordecai Baldwin, Zachariah Henderson, Jacob Summervill Gunn (?), Thos. Williams, Wm. Young.

Page 60--BROWN, RODOPHUS, dec'd. Sale Jan. 22, 1794. Thos. Wingfield and Silas Mercer, admrs. Nathaniel Leneare, Silas, James and Jacob Mercer, Samuel Wingfield, Benj. Herbert (Hubert?), Jos. Digby, Wm. Walker purchasers. Latin Bible, Greek Testament, Latin books, hymn book, wearing apparel all the estate.

Page 68--BARNETT, NATHAN, dec'd. Inventory Reg. Jan. 19, 1796. Personal estate and inspected tobacco. John Lawson, Jesse Evans, John Evans, apprs. Page 133. Sale Reg. June 2, 1798. Nathan Barnett, Jr., Richard and John Watts, James Gresham, Jesse and David Evans, Ann Gillum and David Duncan purchasers.

Page 75--BLALOCK, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 4, 1796. David Murry, Samuel Pharr, James Smart, apprs.

Page 154--BALLARD, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 21, 1799. Samuel Walker, Philip Wagner, J. Webster, apprs.

Page 27--BAYS, JOSEPH, Jr., dec'd. Inventory Feb. 12, 1795. Noyal Nelms, Isham Alford, D. Morris, apprs.

Page 12--COX, MARY, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 16, 1796. Hair trunks, feather bed, hand bellows etc entire estate. Wm. Gillum, James Burns, Wm. Puryear, apprs.

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Page 65--CORBIN, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 24, 1795. N. Bradford Burwell and James Aycock, apprs.

Page 114--CARLTON, ISAAC, dec'd. Inventory May 9, 1797, one slave Tom. Holeman Freeman, Wm. Harper, John Norman, apprs.

Page 145--CATCHING, BENJAMIN, Sr., dec'd. Inventory Nov. 17, 1798, several slaves listed. One given to Wm. Ashmore, one each to Seymour and Benj. Catchings, Jr. John Graves, Thos. Leverett, John Querns, apprs.

Page 121--DOUGLAS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 17, 1797. Several slaves and household goods listed. Richard Heard, Wm. Whitman, A. Bailey, apprs.

Page 155--DUNCAN, JOHN, T., dec'd. Inventory Mar. 9, 1799. Personal estate only. Robt. Morrow, James Robertson, Jesse Partridge, apprs.

Page 92--EDWARDS, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory July 3, 1787. Several slaves and household effects. Stephen Clement, Richard Heard, and John Ray, apprs.

Page 82--FREEMAN, GEORGE, dec'd. Inventory May 12, 1796. Personal est. only. John Pope, Matthew and Wm. Talbot, apprs. Page 99-103. Sale, Nov. 28, 1796 Frances Freeman purchased slaves, household goods, cattle, etc. Wm. Freeman, Robt. Langford and John Campbell and Robt. Patterson debtors to est. for feather bed, quilts etc., which might indicate they were son and son-in-law of the dec'd. James Freeman bought gun and slave.

Page 105--FREEMAN, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 24, 1796. Three slaves and household effects. E. Brewer, David Witt, Jesse Cox, apprs.

Page 33-41--GRAVES, HUMPHREY, dec'd. Inventory of merchandise, Irish linen, corduroy, broadcloth, muslin, slaves etc listed. Recorded June 18, 1795.

Page 112--GIDDINS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Sale Apr. 1, 1796. Frances Giddens purchased household goods.

Page 119--GREEN, AMOS, dec'd. Inventory May 26, 1797. Horses, household goods. "One Duck Farm Mill" and bolting cloth, listed. John Seybold, John Erwin, Wm. Berry, apprs.

Page 43--HENDRICK, BENJAMIN, dec'd. Inventory Aug. 14, 1790. Horses, hogs, household goods and one slave Peggy listed. Geo. Gresham, John Cain, Solomon Thornton, apprs.
Page 44. Sale July 24, 1791. Tobacco at Augusta and 100 acres of land listed. Judith Hendrick, admx. "N. B. The estate has a claim of 350 acres of land in Elbert Co. when a right is got, will sell for the benefit of the heirs. J. H."

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Page 61--HEARD, GEORGE, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 22, 1795. "Labor of a certain slave Peggy and the rent of the plantation on which the dec'd lived 12 a year." Chrs. Dean, Sr., Edw. Gresham, John Langdon, apprs.

Page 69--HARVIE, DANIEL, dec'd. Inventory, no date. A number of slaves, horses, cattle, household goods and $577.00 cash. John Freeman, John Oliver, Sr., David Meriwether, apprs. Returns by Sally Harvie July 28, 1800.

Page 76--HOLDENESS, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 2, 1796. Number of slaves, cattle, horses and household goods. Returned by McKinney Holderness. Drury Williams, Josiah Scudder. Wm. Reeves, apprs.

Page 114--HURLEY, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 8, 1797. One sword $15.00, other personal property. B. Moore, Isham Chaffin, Nathaniel Bullock, apprs.

Page 127--HEARD, CHARLES, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 23, 1797. Several slaves and other personal estate. J. Webster, Jas. Boren, Seth Thompson, apprs.

Page 145--HOLLIDAY. THOMAS, dec'd. Sale Sept. 7, 1798. Horses, cattle and rifle gun listed.
Page 148. Inventory July 30, 1798. "Bed in the hands of F. Strother, "Cash in the hands of F. Strother." Note on Capt. Wm. Binon. John Graves, Wm. Binion, Jr., Thos. Leverett, apprs.

Page 158--HOLLIS, MOSES, dec'd. Inventory May 9, 1799. Slaves, horses, cattle etc. Thos. Doster, Daniel Garrett, Richard Smelt, apprs.

Page 123--IVY, ALLAMY, dec'd. Sale July 6, 1792. Wagon and gun all est.

Page 58--JOHNSTON, ABRAHAM, dec'd. Inventory recorded Nov. 20, 1795. James Kinman, Walter Terry, Thos. Currington, apprs.

Page 66--KELLY, WILLIAM, dec'd. Sale Dec. 7, 1795. Mrs. Hannah Kelly, Joshua, Robt., and John, Hammock, Joel and Bartley Towns. Henry Green and Peter Perkins purchasers. John Ramey and James Turner acted as clerk and crier.

Page 111--KILLGORE, JOHN, dec'd. Due from John, Jr., on account. Signed Wm. Stark, atty in fact. Reg. Jan. 30, 1797.

Page 25--LEWIS, WARNER, dec'd. Sale Jan. 5, 1795. Thos. Moody and Henry Jennings; Amos Sheppard, John Ware, Edmond and John Lyon, Francis Picquet, Eli Griffin, John Farrow and Col. John Winn, purchasers.

Page 45--LISHMAN, EDWARD, dec'd. Inventory Aug. 11, 1795. Household effects, horse and cow. John Johns, John Wright, Jos. Crockett, apprs.

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Page 59--LEE, PHILIP, dec'd. Inventory Sept. 22, 1795. Household effects. N. Gunnels, John Abernethie, Geogery Hartsfield, apprs.

Page 74--MAHONEY, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 9, 1796. Slaves and household goods. John Moss, Sr., Duncan Bohannon, John Russell, apprs.

Page 90--MERCER, SILAS, dec'd. Sept. 13, 1796. Thos. Grant, Thompson Bird, James Patterson and Phillip Wilhite, apprs.

Page 93--MOUNGER, HENRY, dec'd. Inventory Reg. July 8, 1795. James Wright, West Harris and Peter B. Terrell, apprs.
Page 115. Sale July 6, 1796. Edwin Mounger purchaser.

Page 97--MONTGOMERY, DAVID, dec'd. Inventory July 19, 1796. Nathaniel Bullock, John Wright and Robt. Morrow, apprs.
Page 98. Sale. James Dorough, Philip Burford, Rebecca Montgomery, and Nathaniel Bullock purchasers.

Page 114--MOSS, FLEMIN, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 16, 1796. Wm. Whitman, Dennis McClendon, James McLean, apprs.
Page 123. Sale Dec. 10, 1796 signed by Alex. Moss.

Page 119--MENDENHALL, MARMADUKE, dec'd. Inventory May 26, 1797. Cattle and household goods. John Seybold, John Erwin, Jos. Evans, apprs.

Page 120--MURRAY, DAVID, dec'd. Inventory Aug. 10, 1797. Felix Gilbert, Evans Long and Thos. Talbot, apprs. ..... Sale, Wm. Murray, admr. "Due from Elizabeth Murray $55.00."

Page 156--MASON, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 22, 1799. John Robertson, Lewis Willis and V. Harrison, apprs.

Page 43--McCARTNEY, JAMES, dec'd. Sale Dec. 20, 1794. "One brown mare sold to Polly McCartney for 10." Chas. McCartney, excr.

Page 58--NEWSON, SOLOMON, dec'd. Inventory Rec. Dec. 4, 1795. Five slaves, Phebe, Squash, Aggy, Tom and Lewis.

Page 16--O'NEAL, John, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 9, 1795. Mill stones and other equipment listed. Francis Giddens, Wm. Low, Lewis Irons, apprs.
Page 64--Sale Dec. 29, 1796. James McLean and Sarah O'Neal purchasers. Signed by James McLean.

Page 28--OXFORD, EDWARD, dec'd. Inventory May 6, 1795. Robt. Hammock, Richard Riviere, Elack Norris, apprs.

Page 41--PICKRELL, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory July 3, 1795. Horse, saddle and bridle and compass all estate. John and Thos. Talbot and John Sims, apprs.

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Page 62--PETERS, ELIZABETH, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 5, 1795. Horses, cows and household goods. Wm. Cole, Jos. Gray, Henry Sapp, apprs.
Page 111. Sale Jan. 1799 by Robt. Killgore, admr. Lewis Peters, Jemima Peters, Phineas Skinner, Jacob Hammons, Jos. Prather, Rebecca Wright, Wm. Hopkins, Wm. Cole purchasers.

Page 63--PATTERSON, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 2, 1795. Two slaves and household goods. John Querns, John Talbot, Felix Gilbert, apprs.
Page 125. Sale Mar. 23, 1797. Isabella, Margarette, Anna, John A., and Isabella Hunter Patterson, all the purchasers.

Page 70--POPE, WILLIS, dec'd. Inventory Dec. 23, 1795. Several slaves and much personal property. Drury Stovall, James Bridges, and N. Gunnells, apprs.

Page 124--PINKSTON, SHADRACK, dec'd. Inventory July 21, 1795. Two slaves, household effects and cows. Wm. Triplett, John Carter, Thos. Edison, apprs.

Page 131--PARKES, LUCY, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 8, 1798. One slave Kinching 7 years old, saddle, bridle and trunk. Wm. Pearman, John Holmes, Jos. Eckols, Geo. Willis, apprs.

Page 9--POULLIAN, ANTHONY, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 7, 1795. Land and house, horses, cows and household goods (torn clear off and lost).

Page 17--ROGERS, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Aug. 9, 1794. A wonderful library of classics, seems to have been a teacher. Notes on Wm. Mead, Nathaniel Cocke, John Crutchfield, Philip Clayton, Fields Perdue, John Garrett, Geo. Walker and Nathaniel Durkee. Sydnor Cosby, Thos. Lasley, Wm. Triplett, apprs.

Page 20--ROGERS, TABITHA, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 16, 1795. Peter Coffee, Jesse Battle, Jehu Jones, apprs. Britton Rogers, excr.

Page 96--RAMEY, PRESLEY, dec'd. Sale Sept. 11, 1794. John Ramey to bed and furniture, slave Jinny. Judeth Ramey to est. bed, table, cattle, cotton gin etc. Ansolom Ramey to household goods and a slave Rachel.

Page 152--RICHARDSON, JOEL, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 12, 1799. Wm. Jones, Peter B. Terrell, Casey Askew, apprs.

Page 79--ST. CLEAR, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Reg. Apr. 27, 1796. Horse, saddle, wearing apparel.

Page 117--SIDWELL, JOSEPH, dec'd. Inventory June 23, 1797. Surveyors instruments, debt due for smith work, wearing apparel "velvet britches" listed. R. B. Washington, Lesley Coats, Elisha Smallwood, apprs.

Page 133--SUTTON, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory June 8, 1798. A great many notes listed, cash in hands of Elizabeth Sutton. Archd Riddle, Theo: Stubblefield, Jesse Stallings, apprs.

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Page 149. Sale. Elizabeth Sutton bought all household goods. "Amount of cash etc divided in four shares." Names of distributees not given.

Page 61--TATUM, JOHN, dec'd. Sale Jan. 1, 1795. John, Abner, Abel, and Wm. Tatum, Jarard Groce. Edward Gresham, Napier Adams, Thos, C. Russell, Thos. and John Fullilove and James Hester purchasers. Signed by Abel Tatum.

PAGE 46--TERRONDET, DAN??EL, dec'd. Inventory Rec. Sept. 8, 1795. William Cox, R. Worsham . Webster, apprs. Dr. Thompson Birds note, Dr. Gilbert Hay's account.
Page 48-49. A long list of debtors.

Page 52-56--TAYLOR, ARMSTED, dec'd. Inventory Rec. Nov. 20, 1794. John Corbin, Geo. Freeman, Geo. Stovall, apprs. Long list of debtors.

Page 84--THURMAN, BENJAMIN, dec'd. Inventory May 25, 1796. Wm. Stokes, Sr., Wm. Whitman, John Edmunds, apprs.
Page 107-109. Sale Dec. 27, 1796. James Thurman bought several tracts of land, slaves etc. Philip Thurman bought household goods slaves etc. Philip Moss bought household goods and slaves. Judah Thurman bought slaves, household goods etc. Wm. Thurman bought slave. Signed by James Thurman.

Page 113--TODD, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 28, 1797. John Owens, John Cooper. Thos. Eidson, apprs.

Page 136--THOMAS, BENJAMIN B., dec'd. July 3, 1798. John Holmes, admr. Thos. Brown, Robt. Hughes, James Darden, apprs.

Page 139--THOMAS, PHILIP, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 30, 1798. Division of estate same date. Feather bed and furniture to Peggy Shepherd, feather bed, furniture and side saddle to Hannah Thomas, now the wife of John Holmes, bed furniture, two horses to Benj. B Thomas, the excr. Various small articles to Ben. B., and Edward B. Thomas. Signed Mary Thomas surviving excx.

Page 10--WILDER, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory Rec. Feb. 7, 1795. John Corbin, John Thurman, Chas. Bedingfield, Nathaniel Moss, apprs.

Page 126--WILSON, LARKIN, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 8, 1798. Small articles, saddle and two notes due the dec'd. for tobacco. Geo. Johnston, John Lane, Benj. Hubbard, apprs.

Page 135--WALKER, JESSE, dec'd. Inventory June 23, 1798. Household goods, cattle. James and Geo. Wilson and Francis Billingslea, apprs.

Page 146--WALL, MICHAEL, dec'd. Sale Rec. Dec. 17, 1798. Solomon Newsom, James Wheeler, Hartwell Jones, John Greson purchasers. Signed by James Wheeler as "sales made by me," James principal purchaser.

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Page 154--WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 14, 1799. John and Henry B. Gibson and Jacob Lewis, apprs