The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 114--ASHMORE, WILLIAM. To wife and two daughters (not named) all estate, final division to daughters. Mentions notes on William Leverett in his lifetime for services rendered, on George Tucker, William Leverett, Jr., and Henry Leverett. These to be collected and equally divided between my brothers John and Peter Ashmore and sisters

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Elizabeth Tucker and Mary Lynn. Wife, Jeremiah Sanders and Silas Catchings, Excrs. Signed Jan. 15, 1817. Probated Mar. 2, 1818. Spencer Carlton, Silas Catchings, Reuben Sanders, Test.

Page 15--BROWN, WILLIAM. To grandaughter Betsy Ann Williams, horse, bed, etc. To dau. Lucretia Williams, $5.00. Residue to wife Elizabeth and son James for life, then to dau. Lucy Williams for life, final division to her heirs. Bolin Smith and Young Stokes Excrs. Signed Feb. 8, 1816. Probated Jan. 6, 1817. Woodward Trammel. Moses Smith, Rebecca S. Trammel, Test.

Page 24--BURDINE, JOHN. To wife Margaret for life, land, stock, etc., final division among all children. To son Reuben certain slaves. To son Clark when he comes of age, certain slaves and $500.00 to complete his education. To four younger children, Sophia, Julia. Matilda and George certain slaves as they come of age. Having purchased at sheriffs sale the land whereon Mrs. Elizabeth Whitman lives to enable her to live in peace and quiet, executors to give her clear title as soon as she completes the payments. Wife, son Ruben, Shaler Hillyer, Bolling Anthony and Thomas Anderson, Excrs. Signed Dec. . ., 1815. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. Wm. Williams, Benjamin Russell, Anthony Spitling, Test.

Page 40--BOLTON, ISAAC. To son Mansah Bolton slave, bed, etc. To James Henderson, slave, bed, $200.00 for the hire of a slave two years. To son William Bolton, slave, horse, etc. To wife Elizabeth all estate for life, final division to all children, she to pay my son William Bolton $200.00 at once. Son Mansah sole Excr. Signed Dec. 13, 1817. Probated Mar. 2, 1818. Drewry Johnson, John Johnson, Thos. D. McLaughlin, Test.

Page 61--BARNES, HENRY MONTFORD. "About to enter the service of my country," gives to his cousin Theodore Montford Barnes all estate. Signed Nov. 8, 1814. Recorded Apr. 11, 1818. Samuel Jones, Leonard Chafin, John Billingsle, Test.

Page 122--BURDETT, THOMAS. (non cupative) Wife Polly to have all estate in fee simple. Made July 6, 1818. Proved July 22, 1818 by John B. Nelson, Charles H. Nelson, Sarah Taylor.

Page 137--BREWER, JAMES. To heirs of dec'd son Caleb, to son Sackvil, daus. Polly and Betty, son Hundley twenty-five cents each. To dau. Nancy all household goods and a slave. To grandson John A. Walker the land where I live. Signed Sept. 28, 1817. Pro-bated Apr. 5, 1819. John Brewer, Hundley Brewer, Ransom S. Walker, John Ridley, Sr., John Ridley, Test.

Page 2--CHIVERS, THOMAS H. Joel Chivers to have my land at $12.00 an acre, if he does not take it executors to sell it and purchase more for the use of my family. To wife Frances, slaves, horse and gig, etc. To

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sons Algernon and James, slave, etc. To dau. Jane A. T. Chivers a slave. To child in esse a slave. Sons James and Robert to be educated for (torn). Signed Oct. (torn) 1816. Probated Mar. 3, 1817. John Wingfield, Michael Pearson, John B. Nelson, Test.

Page 34--CORBETT, JAMES. To wife Elenor the lot and all appurtenances, slaves, etc. for life. final division to children To daughters Mary Ann and Hannah Janett Corbett and dau. Harriott Lycester Corbett certain slaves. To son Francis certain slaves, store and lot adjoining dwelling lot. All children minors. Piano to dau. Mary Ann. Amanda and Harriott a bureau each and education equal to my other daughters. Wife and friends Joseph W. Robinson, Gilbert Hay and David Terrell, Excrs. Signed May 14, 1813. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. Wm. M. Bear, Augs. Henry Gibson, L. Mountcastle, D. Terrell, Test.

Page 50--COLEMAN, HARRIS. To wife Franky all estate except a horse to David Young at majority, he to be educated. Brother John Coleman and Thomas Wootten of Wilkes Co., Excrs. Signed Aug. 1, 1815. Probated Sept. 2, 1816. John H. Pope, Elijah Echols, Jane Echols, Test.

Page 52--CARTER, JOHN. To wife one-third of all slaves, the plantation, etc. for life. To Rebecca Burgone, a slave. To sons Robert Turner Carter, John Collin Carter, Joseph Carter, James Henry Carter, George Washington Carter, a slave each. All seem to be minors. Son Charles has received his part. Wife Wineford and son Charles, Excrs. Signed Oct. 17, 1783. Probated Jan. 8, 1816. John Ridley, Sr., Thomas Blakey, Sterling Carter, Test. Proved by the oaths of all three, but John Ridley swears the date of the will is a mistake.

Page 100--COMBS, JAMES. To wife Milly all property for support of children. Two eldest sons Thomas and John to support themselves. Sons William, James and Francis to be bound out to a trade. Wife Milly and Thomas W. Sims, Excrs. Signed July 27, 1817. Probated May 4, 1818. John Bolton, Demcy C. Owens, Polly Cox, Test.

Page 126--CADE, WINEFORD. To two youngest sons Robert and Drewry B. Cade all estate, except a slave to be set free. Signed Mar. 15, 1812. Probated Nov. 2, 1818. A. E. Stokes, Pleasant Ward, F. L. Thurman, Test.

Page 3--DANIEL, SARAH. Certain slaves to be valued and divided between my sons Stephen G. and John Pettus, and the children of son Charles Pettus and wife Mariah, viz: William, Sarah, Mary and child in esse. To dau. Elizabeth Pettus my white counterpane. Son Stephen G., Excr. Signed July 22, 1816. Probated Sept. 2, 1816. Daniel Fouch, G. Wingfield, Jr., John Wingfield, Sr., Test.

Page 76--DODSON, IGNATIOUS. farmer. All property to wife Cloe for life or widowhood to be equally divided among "my children," not

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named, apparently minors. Signed Dec. 23, 1816. Probated Mar. 3, 1819. William T. Weems, Marcus Roby, Benedictine Mankin, Test.

Page 93--DAVIS, RICHARD. To son Wylie, dau. Betsy Brown and son-in-law Martin Howard, fifty cents each. To sons Grant, Thomas, Absalom, certain slaves. To dau. Polly Davis certain slaves, "to act for herself." To dau. Lucy Davis certain slaves, when 18. To grandson Solomon Howard, minor, certain slaves. To wife Isabel for life the land where I live for life, stock, etc., final division to children. Sons Grant and Thomas, Excrs. Signed June 28, 1816. Probated July 7, 1817. John Willis, Augusta A. Willis, Chas. H. Ellington, Test.

Page 99--DARRACOTT, FRANCIS. All estate to be divided between Sarah G., and Nancy O. Wingfield, and Elizabeth and Fanny Darricott. John Terrell, Excr. Signed July 11, 1807. Probated May 4, 1818. Mary Wingfield, John L. Wingfield, Overton Wingfield, Test.

Page 119--DAVIS, WILLIAM. Confirms gifts to sons Edward, William, James, Joshua, Charles, daughters Elizabeth and heir or heirs of dau. Lucy. To youngest sons Samuel, Lewis, Lanier, Micajah Washington, and Baxter Boxwell Davis, all residue. Joshua and Lewis Lanier Davis and George Willis, Excrs. Signed July 28, 1813. Probated July 6, 1818. William Brook, William Evans, Claybrook Williamson, Test.

Page 33--EDWARDS, JOHN. To wife Precious 81 acres on Hardins creek, slaves, etc., "for the trust contained and specified in this will," but not named. No children mentioned. Signed Nov. 26, 1810. Probated Jan. 6, 1817. Miles Crenshaw, Patience Crenshaw, Test. (Signed Patience Barron) when probated, 1817.

Page 134--ELLINGTON, JOSIAH, Sr. "Advanced in life." To wife Elizabeth home place on the Augusta Road, all personal estate for life or widowhood, final division to daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Wilson, and all my children except the heirs of David Ellington, dec'd. Confirms gifts and adds $2.00 each to the heirs of David Ellington, dec'd. to dau. Elizabeth Wilson, son Simeon Ellington, grandchildren, the heirs of Josiah Ellington, dec'd. son Hezekiah Ellington, dau. Sarah, wife of James Chivers, dau. Polly, wife of James D. Gresham, dau. Nancy, wife of Richard Daniel, dau. Dolletha, wife of Springer Gibson. To niece Frances Gibson a slave. James D. Gresham and William Jones, Excrs. Signed Dec. 11, 1818. Probated Feb. 1, 1819. Buford Bird, Thos. G. Jones, William Ogletree, Test.

Page 57--FREEMAN, HOLMAN. To wife Pereinah, slaves, etc., and half of the home plantation on Chickasaw creek, for life or widowhood, the other half to son John W., with slaves, etc. To son Fleming another part of the land on Chickasaw creek adjoining Richard Aycock and James Freeman, slaves, etc. To William W. Bibb certain slaves besides former gifts. To "my beloved boy George B. Bibb" a slave as a token of

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remembrance. To grandaughter Edny Freeman eldest child of son Fleming, a slave. Land in Green Co. Tenn., lot in Lisbon to be equally divided between wife and three children. William W. Bibb and John W. Freeman, Excrs. Signed Apr. 26, 1817. Probated Nov. 3, 1817. Wyche Jackson, Green Wood, John Meloy, John Pope, Test.

Page 67--FLING, JOHN. To wife Anna (Amy or Anna?) all estate for widowhood or life, to raise the children, all minors. Final division between her and my children, Kitty, Thomas, John, Daniel and Jasper. One-quarter of an acre where I shall be buried to remain a burial ground forever. Signed Jan. 3, 1816. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. Isaac Callaway, Henry Terrell, D. Terrell, Test.

Page 117--FOUCH, DANIEL. All estate to be kept together till the youngest child is of age, then to be divided between my wife, Sarah, Sidney F., Isaac P., Daniel Willford, and John Fouch. Brother, Jonathan Fouch and friend Stephen Pettus, Excrs. Signed, June 1, 1818. Probated July 6, 1818. John Wingfield, Sr., Sterling Carter, Robert P. Carter, Test.

Page 30--GARTRELL, JOSEPH, Sr. To son Jeremiah for life a slave Felix, at his death to my five youngest children, viz, Jefferson, Charles, Luceahanna, Nancy Simons and Mary Adeline, minors. To wife Rebecca in trust for son John half the goldmine tract etc. To the lawful heirs of son Francis certain slaves. To son Joseph land adjoining that given to the Methodist meeting house. To lawful issue of dau. Matilda Murray, three slaves given her at marriage. Wife and Abraham Simons, Excrs. Signed Sept. 9, 1816. Probated Mar. 3, 1817. Samuel Brooks, James Mackintosh, Jacob Ammons, Test.

Page 116--GREEN, JAMES. To sister Elizabeth Green money to buy a slave. To mother Ann Green $100.00 and my trunk. To John, Willis, Thomas, Eliza, Alex., and Felix Green $300.00 to be equally divided among them. To father Thomas Green a set of rasors, he to be sole Excr. Signed Feb. 9, 1818. Probated July 6, 1818. David Walser, Charles Strozer, Test.

Page 20--HOLTZCLAW, TIMOTHY. To grandchildren William and Lucinda Holtzclaw land, slaves etc, in possession of their mother for widowhood. Confirms a slave to dau. Charlotte Burns. To son Henry land etc. To son Elijah land etc. To Jincy Holtzclaw feather bed etc. To sons Silas and John Gresham Holtzclaw remainder of land, at their mothers death. To dau. Sally Russell a slave. To dau. Emily Holtzclaw, slave, bed etc. To wife Rhoda land whereon I live, slaves etc., final division to all my children, named above. Sons Henry and Elijah, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20, 1816. Probated July 1, 1816. David Kerr, Arnold Atkinson, Jacob Callaway, Test.

Page 72--HUGHES, ROBERT. farmer "being old." To wife Ann certain slaves for life, final division to following children, Molly Holmes, Elinor Crawley, Simon Hughes, Amey Moore, Robert Hughes, Jr.,

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George H. Hughes, Charlotte Roberts and Jane Hughes and grandaughter Polly Hughes, Robert's share to be kept till he comes for it or sends a reliable person. To dau. Silenda Hughes a slave. To wife Anna all residue for life, final division to children. George H. Hughes and Benjamin Holmes, Excrs. Signed July 3, 1815. Probated Nov. 5, 1815. Marcus Roby, Allen Martin, Simpson Montgomery, Test.

Page 78--HULING, JAMES. To wife certain property for life or widowhood, for supporting children, some of them minors. To dau. Elvira Brown, son James certain slaves already received. To dau. Catherine never having received any property, her share to be given her at once. Wife (not named) friends James Brown, Gilbert Hay and Isham Gresham, Excrs. Signed Apr. 19, 1816. Elenor Ruddell, Sally Hines, Henry C. Dawson, Samuel Huling, D. Terrell, Test.
Codicil. Feb. 5, 1817. To son William "not endowed with happy intellect" to have a support for life. George Ruddell, Job Abbott, Sam M. Smith, Peter B. Terrell, Test. Probated Apr. 14, 1817.

Page 97--HARTSFIELD, GODFREY. To son Andronickus, slave feather bed etc. Wife Sarah to continue in possession of estate for life, final division to all children, former gifts to some of them mentioned but not named. Wife Sarah and son Absa., Excrs. Signed Nov. 14, 1808. Probated Jan. 2, 1809. Thomas Watkins, Nich. Sheets, Holman Freeman, Test.

Page 121--HINDLEY, JACOB. Wife Barbara sole heir. Friend Joshua Starr, Excr. Signed May 31, 1816. Probated Sept. 7, 1818. William Littleton, John Poyner, Test.

Page 28--LOVELL, WILLIAM. Whole estate for life or widowhood to wife Mary. To dau. Polly Anthony a slave. To the two oldest children of son Thomas Lovell a slave. To the children of my dau. Lucy Bird a slave. To sons William D., Lemuel and Benson a slave each and land equally divided except one-fourth acre including the graveyard. William D. and Benson Lovell, Excrs. Signed Aug. 27, 1817. Probated Jan. 6, 1818. Thomas Lesley, Richard B. Clayton, William Hughes, Test.

Page 128--LEVERETT, JOHN. To wife Mary all property for life, except a horse to dau. Patsy Leverett. Final division to all children (not named). Son Joel P. Leverett and son-in-law William Evans, Excrs. Signed Feb. 16, 1811. Probated Nov. 2, 1818. John Rice, John Saunders, Test.

Page 123--MASON, NANCY. To son David all land in Wilkes Co., provided he pays my dau. Mary Mason $500.00. To Mary a note on John Bird provided she pays debts. Thomas Hutchens, Excr. Signed July 29, 1818 Probated Nov. 2, 1818. John Allison, Cornelius Cohron, Robt. Grier, Test.

Page 47--PATTERSON, ISABELLA. To Margaret Patterson a clothes

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press. To Jane Laughten a cupboard. To Isabella J. M., dau. of William and Mary Walker bed. To Isabella H., dau. of James and Rebecca Walker, bed. To Agnes, wife of Samuel Walker side saddle and chest. Residue to be divided among my children, Margaret Patterson, Mary wife of Wm. Walker, Agnes wife of Samuel Walker, Rebecca wife of James Walker, Jane, wife of Henry Laughten. Joseph W. Cooper, Excr. Signed June 24, 1815. Probated July 1, 1815. James Burdett, Joseph W. Cooper, Obadiah Flournoy, J. P., Test.

Page 86--PARTRIDGE, WILLIAM. Having given each of my children their part of my perishable property, now gives son John that part of my land on which he lives, 80 acres, the other half to dau. Elizabeth where she lives. John Partridge and William Rutledge, Excrs. Signed Jan. 31, 1814. Probated July 7, 1817. Richard Sappington, Rebecca Sappington, James Rutledge, Test.

Page 90--PEARMAN, WILLIAM. To wife Isabella half the land where I live, slaves etc for widowhood or life. To daus. Polly and Sally Duke, $2.00 each. To son Robert bed etc, "already lent." To sons Samuel, William and Weakly and daus. Susanna and Elizabeth feather beds and furniture, William and Weakly and Elizabeth called minors. Simeon Walker and sons Robert and Samuel, Excrs. Signed Mar. 17, 1817. Probated July 7, 1817. Mary Walker, Sanders Walker, William Albert, Test.

Page 129--PORTER, THOMAS. "being infirm." To be buried on his own land and no funeral preached. Wife Polly and three youngest children, Lucy Mills Porter, Martha Hansford Porter, and Solon Winslow Porter to possess and enjoy all estate, any child getting married to draw on estate for property equal to that given Louisa Hany Willis and Augusta America Willis on their marriage. Mentions land in Jackson, Columbia and Washington counties. To all five children certain slaves illegally taken from him by two of his brothers, and Va. money on which he holds bonds dated Apr. 1, 1786, which the Admr. of his fathers estate threw in the fire before his face, debt against brother Benj. Porter in Va. money which his father paid after Benj. left the county. Property willed to three youngest children by their grandfather to be in control of executors. To sister Cunningham one moiety for her support in old age. John Robinson, Sr., Joshua and John W. Willis, Excrs. Signed May 20, 1817. Probated Jan. 4, 1819. Paul T. Willis, Andrew Tarver. Richard Tarver, Test.

Page 42--REVIER, RICHARD. To wife Dysa all property for life or widowhood, final division to all my children, some under age. Wife Dysa, son Holland and friend Jones Kendrick, Excrs. Signed May 1, 1816. Probated Nov. 5, 1816. Chas. R. Carter, John R. Reviere, J. G. Delisle, Test.

Page 44--RICHARDSON, ISHAM. To dau. Elizabeth Branham the land whereon I live for widowhood, then to go to Benjamin, son of son Joel

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Richardson, dec'd. If Benjamin dies without heirs to go to Isham Branham. Daughter Elizabeth Branham and Theoderick Montford, Excrs. Signed Mar. 3, 1810. Probated June 4, 1816. John Rice, Garland Rice, Peter B. Terrell, Test.

Page 55--REEVES, WILLIAM. To wife Hannah all estate for life, provided she gives to the following children a bed etc upon marriage, Hezekiah, Judith, Cynthy, Jeremiah and Sally Reeves. At the death of wife Hannah all residue to be divided among the above named children after paying Robert Cunningham who married Lucretia Reeves, Alex, Seal who married Elizabeth Reeves, Robert Graham who married Hannah Reeves, all daughters of the testator, and John and Elijah sons of the testator, $5.00 each. Wife Hannah and Eustus H. Rhodes, Excrs. Signed May 18, 1816. Probated Nov. 5, 1816. Lewis McClendon, James Whatley, R W. Collier, Test.

Page 124--RENDER, JOSHUA. To wife Susan 200 acres of land where William Goolsby formerly lived, stock, slaves etc for life, final division to my seven heirs, viz; son Christopher, son James, dau. Susan, wife of Johnson Wellborn, son Joshua, Jr., dau. Martha, wife of Abner Wellborn, dau. Elizabeth Render, dau. Nancy wife of Nicholas Wiley. To grandchildren James and Nancy Callaway certain slaves. To son-in-law Joshua Callaway $1.00. Sons Christopher, James and Joshua Render, Excrs. Signed Apr. 1, 1817. Probated Nov. 2, 1818. Charles Hoff, John Dyson, John Burgamy, Test.

Page 17--SAFFOLD, REUBEN, "advanced in years." To wife Sarah dwelling house, farm, stock etc for life, final division as follows: To dau. Mary Barnett a support for life. To son Bird that part of the farm on Pistol creek. To make these children equal with others, certain sums, Mary Barnett, son William, dau. Elizabeth, dau. Sarah Ward, sons Bird and Reuben. Fielding L. Thurman, sons William and Bird, Excrs. Signed Jan. 26, 1816. Probated May 5, 1817. Charles Wittich, Frederick Wittich, William Williams, Test.

Page 62--SHERMAN, ROBERT, Sr. To son-in-law William Parks $2.00. To grandchildren Catherine Celia Parks and Sherman Parks, slave, cash, bed etc. To sons John, James and Clement and their children slaves cash, bed etc. To dau. Catherine and the children she has or may have certain slaves and the money due me from their father John Luckey for their hire. To son Robert the land where I live, slaves etc. To son-in-law Samuel Douglas $2.00, and to William and Robert Douglas, sons of my dau. Jane certain slaves. To son John land in Halifax Co. Va. Sons John and Robert, Excrs. Signed Jan. 1, 1816. Probated Mar. 2, 1818. Leroy Sale, John Wingfield, David Terrell, Test. (This said "about all the children").

Page 70--STONE, JAMES. To son Edmond slave, horse, etc. To son-in-law John Orr and dau. Estilla, his wife, slaves etc. To son John when of age.

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slaves etc. To wife Johanna all residue for life. Son Edmond and friend Dr. John Nichols, Excrs. Signed Jan. 19, 1816. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. John Wynn, George Wynn, Nicholas Sheats, Test.

Page 81--SMITH, NATHAN. To wife Salley all estate for life. Having given some of the children property others to be made equal. Wife Salley, son Elburd and son-in-law James Dorsuger, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20, 1814. Bd Moore, Samuel Rice, Joseph Hurley, Test. (The son mentioned is Elbert Smith, son-in-law James Dorough).
Codicil. Apr. 27, 1816--Having given son-in-law Chas. Phillips certain property, to be considered his full share, and I make his children by his first wife, my dau. Sally my heirs. Probated July 1, 1816. Isaac Langdon, Benjamin Powell, Samuel Rice, Test.

Page 92--STARR, ASA D. All estate to wife Roda and my two minor children Samuel F., and Richard C., and a possible child in esse. His interest in the estate of Richard Watts, dec'd, in final division. Wife Roda and Benjamin and Elijah Starr, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1817. Probated Sept. 1, 1817. Joshua Starr, Samuel Starr, John Lee, Test.

Page 102--SANSOM, WILLIAM. To oldest son Dorrell, a slave To oldest daughter Ann Burch, two slaves. To son William 530 acres land on Fishing creek, slaves etc, provided my wife Elizabeth can have a support from it. To wife house and lot in Washington where I now live and certain slaves. Final division to my following children, Richard, Mary, Eliza, and Patsy or Martha. Mentions "a slave now in the Western Country lent to Mary." Signed Nov. 4, 1817. Probated May 4, 1818. James Wingfield, George Ruddell, David Boren, William Rosier, Test. Friend Thos. Wootten and sons Dorrell and Wm. C., Excrs.

Page 113--SHORTER, SARAH. To daughter Selina Shorter, to second daughter Elizabeth Shorter and to son Henry A. Shorter, all estate. John Bramblett and Samuel T. Burns, Excrs. Signed Oct. 29, 1816. Probated Jan. 7, 1817. John G. Andrews, Garnett Andrews, Test.

Page 7--TWINING, NATHANIEL., of Clark County, Ga. To wife Sarah and the children she may have by me and to my grandaughters Euphemia W. Talbot and Sarah Ann Eliza Catherine Talbot, equal division. Wife Sarah and Matthew Talbot, Excrs. Signed June 14, 1815. Probated Mar. 1817. James Huling, Luke Turner, Thomas Freeman, Test.

Page 98--TERRELL, CHARLES. To Mary Branham daughter of Ben Branham, a slave. All other property to Fanny Wingfield daughter of John Wingfield, dec'd Brothers Thos., John and Joel H. Terrell, Excrs. Signed Dec. 15, 1806. Probated Feb. 1, 1808. Will proved by testimony of Chas. H. Carter, and Francis Darracott testified that the handwriting was that of Chas. Terrell, dec'd.

Page 108--TOOMBS, ROBERT. To eldest son Lawrence Catlett Toombs 300 acres adjoining Peter B. Terrell, slaves, stock in the Bank of Augusta

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etc. Mentions children born or to be born to my present wife. Thomas W. Cobb to be Excr., touching Bank stock, wife Catherine and friend John Spearman Excrs for other property. Signed Aug. 1, 1815. Probated Jan. 2, 1815 (?) Sarah Hillhouse, Sarah Abbott. Joel Abbott, Test.

Page 5--WINGFIELD, FRANCES. To mother all money, clothes etc., and her claim to the lands in Jackson and Clarke counties. To brother John L. Wingfield all residue. William Simpson, Excr. Signed Aug. 2, 1817. Probated Sept. 1, 1817. G. Wingfield, Sarah Wingfield, David Simpson, Test.

Page 8--WILLIAMS, ROLAND. To wife Jane all land except some adj. Robt. Williams and the heirs of John Matthews, stock, slaves, etc. To son Roland land where he lives. To son Robert, ditto. To dau. Catherine Williams a slave bed etc. To grandaughters, Nancy Runnolds, Jane Wilder, Polly Jones, Patsy Jones, Jane Walker, certain sums of money. To the heirs of my dau. Fanny Claghorn. cash. Residue to be divided among all my children now living except Patience Wheeler, her part to go to Samuel Baker Harrises children by my dau. Patience. Trusty friends Jane, Roland and Robert Williams and John Favour, Excrs. Signed Apr. 16, 1817. Probated May 5, 1817. Isaac Williamson, Phebe M. Williamson, Elizabeth Turman, Test.

Page 12--WATSON, LUKE. "Stricken in years and very infirm." To wife Mary Ann for life or widowhood, all personal estate. To sons Solomon. Richard, Hardy and Jehiel and to daughters Rebecca Williams, Bethsheba Dorherty and Sintha Freeman, $1.25 each. To son Jarrett horse etc. To children, Jason Watson, John Langston Watson, William Wright Watson, and Polly Watson, the expense of an education at the discretion of their mother. Signed Nov. 21, 1816. Probated Jan. 6, 1817. Thomas McCormick, Nathaniel Day, Andrew B. Stephens, Test. Dearly beloved wife Mary Ann, Excx.

Page 87--WILLIS, LOUIS. Son Paul Tilmon Willis to take into his possession 110 acres adjoining the estate of James Ballard, dec'd, slaves etc. Daughter Jane George Willis to have a slave besides what she has already received. To son Josua a slave. To son John W. Willis 242 acres adjoining Daniel Owen and William Proctor on Hardins creek. To Sarah Elizabeth Willis, slaves. To son Louis at majority certain slaves and 500 acres on Little river, whereon I now live. To wife Edna land where we live, slaves etc, final division to three youngest children, John W., Sarah Eliza and Louis Willis. To daughter Frances Proctor land worth $150.00, besides what she has already received. James Willis, Jr., Paul T. and John Willis, Excrs. Signed Mar. 4, 1813. Probated July 7, 1817. Charles C. Mills, David McCoy, Thomas Porter, Test.

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