The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 26--ANDERSON, JOHN. To loving wife all property for widowhood entirely at her disposal. To sons Thomas, and John R. land whereon I live, with the mill. To seven grandchildren, children of Sally Davis, a certain sum, $300.00 given to Anderson Davis to be deducted. Final division to my six children, viz: Catherine Nowlan, Jean Heard, Thomas Anderson, Fanny Smith John R. Anderson, Polly Anthony and grandaughter Betsy Lane. To Lewis C. Davis $1.00. Wife and sons Thomas and John R., Excrs. Signed Sept. 11, 1806. Probated Nov. 5, 1810. Bolling Anthony, William Binns, Test.

Page 44--AKINS, THOMAS, Sr. Robert Akins to have the full enjoyment of land forever, "as I hope he will be affectionate to his brother Francis Akins as long as they both live." Personal estate to be divided into fifteen parts, one to the following heirs (relationship not given), Francis Akins, Fanny Leggett, children of Jos. Akins, children of Jacob Akins, Thomas Akins, Jr., Benjamin Hubbard, William Hill, ..... Hathcock, Peggy Floyds children, James and Nancy Wilder's children, Willis Gunnels, Stephen Gunnels, Daniel Gunnels, John Bridges. Peter Strozier and Dr. John J. Gilmer, Excrs. Signed Apr. 15, 1810. Probated July 2, 1810. Nicholas Sheats, Benjamin Stovall, Jr., Drury Stovall, Test.

Page 50--ALBERT, JOSEPH. Horse, saddle, books, etc., to be sold. Residue to children, Sally, Johnny, William and Tommy Albert. Friends John Callaway, Sr., and Daniel Carrington, Excrs. Signed Jan. 16, 1811. Probated Mar. 4, 1811. John Hingson, Joseph Adnes (?), Test.

Page 72--ANTHONY, JOSEPH C. To wife Betty a slave, bed, etc. and the house we live in with one acre of ground, to be inherited by son Wm. Augustine Anthony. If he should die before majority to go to Micajah and Anselm Anthony and the children of Nancy Eastey. Wife Betty and brother Mark Anthony, Excrs. Signed Nov. 20, 1810. Probated Nov. 5, 1811. John Tuttle, J. P., Milton Anthony, Test.

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Page 2--BAIN, BALDWIN. To nephew Williamson N. Bain slaves, etc., and debts due me in Amherst Co. Va., said nephew and Henry L. Reveire, Excrs. Signed Apr. 17, 1807. Probated Nov. 2, 1807. James Ford, John Ford, Test.

Page 3--BRANTON, JACOB. (non cupative) To my four children, Isaiah and Joseph Branton, Elizabeth Cooper and Hannah Boon $1.00 each. To step son James Terrence land in Lincoln Co., and all other estate provided he supports my wife Mary for life. Proved by Jonathan Oxford and James Ford who were present. Signed Nov. 28, 1805. Called Jacob Brinton in inventory.

Page 12--BIRD, PHILEMOND. To wife Molly all estate for life, to be finally divided between all my children: Susanna Evering, Lee Bird, Job Bird, Molly Ogletree, Robert Bird, Williamson Bird, James Bird, Caty Heard, Buford Bird, Elizabeth Jourdan and George Bird, and to the heirs of Philemon Bird, dec'd. Wife Mary and sons Williamson and Buford Bird, Excrs. Signed Nov. 21, 1809. Probated May 9, 1810. John Hendrick, John Mercer, Test.

Page 17--BUTLER, EDWARD. "Whereas my dec'd mother Susanna Butler of Hanover Co. Va., by her last will May 20, 1770, bequeathed slaves Ben. Gillo and Lew to my children. Ben went off with Lord Cornwallis when he ravaged and plundered our settlement in 1781, Lew is dead and Gillo has certain children and grandchildren, wills them to wife Elizabeth for life. If any child or their heirs object to this, they forfeit their part of my estate. All estate to wife Elizabeth for support of the family. To son John W. Butler, to dau. Elizabeth Wingfield, to dau. Kitty G. Terrell to dau. Frances Terrell, to dau. Nancy Butler, certain property already delivered and recorded in a book. 1000 acres in Jackson Co. formerly Franklin, to daughters. To son Zachariah slaves, etc. To son David at majority certain lands at death or marriage of wife. To dau. Lucy Butler a family of slaves, etc. at majority or marriage. Wife Elizabeth sons John, Zachariah and David, Excrs. Signed Dec. 7, 1809. Probated Mar. 3, 1810. Chas. Pettus, Stephen G. Pettus, Mary Shackleford, David Terrell, Test.

Page 47--BOSTICK, WILLIAM. To wife Mary all estate for life final division to children. To youngest boys Berry and James B., bed, etc., as the rest of the children have received, and a tract of land in Morgan Co., on Jack's creek. Daughter Amy Nowlan to have $1.00 only. James B. to be trained in architecture. Wife, sons Azariah and Berry, Excrs. Signed Apr. 4, 1811. Probated July 1, 1811. Joseph Anthony, William Saffold, Reuben Blakey, Test.

Page 61--BOREN, JAMES. To wife Hannah all estate for life to go to sons Joseph and Jalfre J. Boren and daus. Polly and Sally. To sons William, John, David and James certain lands. To daus. Delilah, Elizabeth, Annis and Nancy certain slaves, etc. Friends Dr. Gilbert Hay, William

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and John Boren, Excrs. Signed July 12, 1810. No record of probate Nicholas Long, James Boren, John Boren, Test.

Page 74--BOND, THOMAS. To Liddy Fraser $200.00 worth of household goods. To Thomas Formby 225 acres land in Wilkes Co., and certain slaves. These legacies given for service rendered. Thomas Formby, Oliver H. Prince and John Graves, Excrs. Signed Jan. 13, 1812. Probated Mar. 1, 1813. Aaron Formby, Peter Bailey, Burwell Ferguson, Micajah Davis, Test.

Page 23--CHIVERS, THOMAS, Sr. To son Thomas home plantation, certain slaves to be divided amongst my children. viz: Jemima Wilkerson, Lavinia Wingfield, Robert, Joel and James Chivers, Sally Mercer, Thomas Chivers and Jane West. To grandaughter Polly Terrell a slave and to grandaughter Fanny G. Terrell a sum of money. Sons Robert and Joel and Samuel Wingfield, Excrs. Signed Nov. 15, 1809. Probated July 2, 1810. Thomas Wingfield, John F. Simpson, John Wingfield, Test.

Page 78--CALHOUN, SALLY. (non cupative) "I wish Sally Lesley and Polly Woods to have everything that I have on earth between them." Signed Oct. 2, 1812. Probated Oct. 7, 1812. Temperance Ivey, Test.

Page 109--CORBETT, WILLIAM H. Estate to be divided between wife and children, not named. Thomas Terrell and James Wingfield, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1814. Probated Sept. 5, 1814. Benjamin Branham, Eleanor Corbett, Wm. L. Reviere, Test.

Page 120--CREIGHTON, ANDREW. To Jonathan Orr certain lands in Wilkinson Co. To Watkins Orr, Martha, Elizabeth and Oery (Ora?) Orr, certain lands in Wilkinson and Baldwin counties. To Gehu Orr land in Wilkinson Co. To Hardendon Henderson land in Wilkinson Co. To Martha Dowdy land in Oglethorpe Co., on Millstone creek. Christopher and Jonathan Orr, Excrs. Signed Jan. 11, 1815. Probated Feb. 6, 1815. Thos. McLaughlin, Philip Orr, Henry Raine, Test.

Page 122--COLLEY, JOHN. Slaves to be bought for sons France and Spain. To daus. Polly and Louisa, slaves, etc. To dau. Betsy a slave and the money coming from my father-in-law's estate in N. C. To dau. Nancy, ditto. To son Gabriel $300.00. To wife Sarah residue for life. To grandaughter Lucinda C. Tindal, dau. of my dau. Betsy a slave. Son France and David Terrell, Excrs. Signed May 30. 1815. Probated Nov. 27, 1815. Job Callaway, H. Terrell, D. Terrell, Test.

Page 133--COATS, NATHANIEL. To wife Lucinda eight acres adjoining the home place, etc. To sons Nathaniel and Henry all books, etc. To grandaughter Patsy L. Chatfield feather bed. To William and James Coats, Sarah Adamson and Polly Chatfield twenty-five cents each. Signed Jan. 11, 1816. Probated May 4, 1816. William Jones, John Coats, Lesley Coats, Test.

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Page 10--ERVIN, ELIZABETH. To daus. Metildy and Polly Hutchins, beds, etc. To dau. Metindly Hutchins a slave. Thomas Hutchins to pay the five girls, Genny and Sally $200.00. Mentions Lot No. 85, 9th District Baldwin Co. Son Thomas Hutchins, Excr. Signed Apr. 8, 1808. Probated May 2, 1808. Frederick Huskey, Elizabeth Edge, Wm. B. Allison, Test. (This is very poorly worded).

Page 14--GRADY, JAMES. To wife Elizabeth all property "as I have provided for all my married children, except Elizabeth Grady who is now living with her mother." Son John Grady also provided for. Signed Nov. 10, 1807. Probated May 2, 1808. Thomas Talbot, Joseph Prather, John Burdett Test.

Page 6--GUEST, THOMAS. To wife Elizabeth use of all land for life. To dau. Hannah Guest, bed, etc. To son Thomas the land whereon I live, bed, etc. To dau. Elizabeth, bed, etc. To my little son Daniel all residue, his mother and sister to be trustees. Signed Nov. 15, 1807. Probated Feb. 1, 1808. Uriel Farmer, Moses Jackson, Thomas Scott, Test.

Page 41--GUNN, GEORGE. All estate to wife for life, final division "to all my children," not named. Nancy and John Gunn, Excrs. Signed Nov. 15, 1807. Probated Mar. 7, 1808. James Lewis, Sally Bethshires. Elizabeth Gunn, Test.

Page 114--GRIFFIN, JOHN., of Washington, Wilkes Co. All debts to be paid, residue to beloved and highly esteemed wife Sally for widowhood. If she marries, half of his estate in trust for her not to be under the control of her husband. The other to be divided between nephew John Griffin Bird, who lives with me, and my two nieces Sally Griffin Williamson Thweatt, and Sally Griffin Campbell. Wife Sally sole Excr. Signed Mar. 3, 1810. Probated July 12, 1814. Duncan G. Campbell, Benjamin Rounsvill, John Smith, Test.

Page 84--GILBERT, FELIX H. To dau. Sarah Hilllhouse Gilbert, under 14, $20,000 in trust of certain trustees till she is 21 or married. If the income is more than she needs, mother-in-law Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse to enjoy it. If dau. dies before she is 21, the legacy to be equally divided among my five nieces, Ann G., and Maria F. Hay, Elizabeth Shepherd, Caroline Gibson, and the eldest daughter of my nephew John M. Taylor. To more effectually guard against the uncertainties of life, I appoint nine persons trustees of this fund, viz, Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse, Wm. G. Gilbert, David P. Hillhouse, Henry B. Gibson, Oliver H. Prince, Gilbert Hay, Matthew Talbot, the brother of Thomas Talbot, Esqr., Joel Abbott, and Augustus H. Gibson. To the friend and sister of my heart Mrs. Bridget Whitney of Rhode Island, money, at her death to her daughter Eliza. To sister-in-law Mary Shepherd my carriage and horses. To my friend David G. Hillhouse $2000.00 for brotherly regard. Speaks of a legacy expected from his brother William Gilbert. "To daughter Sarah a slave Betty, hoping she will remember that said Betty has been a

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faithful servant to her lamented mother and now dying father." If daughter Sarah dies before 18, the legacy to be divided among Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse, Sarah H. Gibson, Felix Gilbert, William and James Hay, sons of Dr. Gilbert Hay, my nephew Felix Taylor and John R. Christmas. Appoints Mrs. Sarah Hillhouse. Wm. G. Gilbert, David P. Hillhouse guardians of dau. Sarah, Mrs. Hillhouse to have the directing of her education hoping her maternal care will develop as fine character as her lamented mother. Requests his daughter be taught religion, etc. Wm. G. Gilbert, Gilbert Hay and David P. Hillhouse, Excrs.
Codicil. To sister Ann Taylor $400.00 to buy carriage and horses. Signed Oct. 15, 1813. Probated Jan. 6, 1814. Osborn Stone. J. Wingfield, Jas. Edwards, Test.

Page 57--HURLEY, HENRY. All estate to wife Fanny for life, final division to two daus. Jane Lewis and Ann Phillips, and son James Hurley. Wife Fanny and son-in-law John Lewis, Excrs. Signed Sept. 23, 1811. Probated Nov. 4, 1811. George Smith, Joshua Starr, J. T. Smith, Test.

Page 83--HILYARD, RICHARD. To wife Elizabeth a slave, 25 acres where I now live, etc., for life, final division to daughters Matilda, Sarah, Mary, Nancy, and to dau. Elizabeth Digby a slave. Residue to be divided between all my children, namely Richard, William, Leonard, Nancy, John, Matilda Hilyard. Son William Excr. Signed July 14, 1810. Probated Sept. 6, 1813. Charles R. Carter, William Moore. Richard Maddox, Test.

Page 97--HUGHES, WILLIAM. To wife Molly the home farm on Uptons creek, final division to sons Barnard H., William and Stephen H. Hughes. To daus. Nancy Hudspeth, Elizabeth Woodall and Lucinda, slave each. To all children 1000 acres in the Tenn. Company purchase. Son Barnard H., friends John Dyson, Thomas Lasley, Barnard C., Geo. W., and John A. Heard, Excrs. Signed Nov. 8, 1813. Probated Mar. 7, 1814. James Anderson, Joseph Bell, Martin Anderson, Test.

Page 101--HANSON, JOHN. To wife Mary and possible child in esse all estate, she to be sole Excr. Signed May 3, 1806. Probated Apr. 4, 1814. Matthew Roby, Mary Roby, William Collier, Test.

Page 115--HOLTZCLAW, NATHAN. "To be decently buried on the east side of a walnut tree back of my garden with my head against the tree." To wife Jincy a tract of land described in my father's will adj. Patsy Foster and Elizabeth Holtzclaw, also land on Beaverdam creek, slaves, household goods, etc. and the distributive share of the estate of Richard Beasley now coming to me, for widowhood, final division to wife Jincy and my two children, Lucinda Jordan Holtzclaw and Wm. Beasley Holtzclaw. Joseph Henderson, Jr., and Peter B. Terrell, Excrs. Signed Aug. 8, 1814. Probated Nov. 7, 1814. Elijah Holtzclaw, Charles Kerr, Billy Kerr, Henry Holtzclaw, Test.

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Page 112--JACK, SAMUEL. To wife Margaret and my five children by her, Mary Evalina, Samuel Stewart, John McCormick, William Dysart and Amanda Malvina, certain slaves. To wife and two last named children mentioned, called the youngest, 200 acres adjoining the tract where I live, formerly owned by brother James, now occupied by William Elliott. "Whereas at the time of our marriage my wife owned a house and lot in Chambersburg and 300 acres in Dist. No. 2 Westmoreland Co. Pa., willed to her by her former husband Alex. Stewart, she shall still hold it." Having sold May 24, 1802 to James Lee of Charleston, S. C., 18,000 acres of land in Camden Co., three lots of which were reserved for my children, James Knight Patrick, Eliza Douglass, and Wm. Dysart Jack. If not paid for to return to wife and these children. My claim to 75,000 acres in the Tenn. Purchase of Zachariah Cox, to them also. Wife Margaret and friends Abraham Simons and Matthew Talbot, Excrs. Probated Sept. 5, 1814. Charity Dysart, Wm. H. Jack, John C. Nickelson, Test.

Page 103--KILLGORE, JAMES. "Being about to embark on a tour of duty in the service of the United States." To brother Benajah a slave, horse and saddle. Residue to my two brothers Allen and Benajah Killgore. William Killgore, sole Excr. Signed Aug. 26, 1813. Probated May 2, 1814. Wm. C. Boren, Simpson McClendon, Amos McClendon, Test.

Page 76--LAWRENCE, GEORGE. To wife Lydia all estate for widowhood, then to my two sons, William H., and Enoch C. Lawrence. Wife Lydia and Enoch Callaway, Excrs. Probated May 3, 1813. Enoch Callaway, John Callaway, Test.

Page 42--LINDSEY, JOHN. All children by present wife Clarissa shall have an equal portion, except about $2000.00 for the use of sons Jackson Clark Watkins Lindsey and Benjamin Fero Hamilton Lindsey in the hands of my brother Benjamin Lindsey. "I recognize as my dearly beloved and legally begotten children, Numesis Creswell Christmas Lindsey, Matilday Marbury Somervilla Lindsey, Clarissa Harlow Bullock Lindsey, Fanny Hawkins Bullock Lindsey, and Sally Collier Billingslea Lindsey." Wife to take as her share, her marriage portion from her father Nathaniel Bullock or dower. Wife Clarissa of Wilkes Co., and son James M. Lindsey of St. Mary's, and Gen. John Clark, James Corbett and Ebenezer Harlow Cummings, Excrs. Seaborn Jones to make a settlement of my lands held by Col. George Dooly and Thomas Mitchell. Signed July 31, 1804. Probated Sept. 5, 1809. Francis Willis, James Montfort, Micajah Henty, Test.

Page 94--LANDRUM, THOMAS. To grandson Zacharias, son of Samuel Landrum, 100 acres of the land where I now live. To grandson Boikinhead Wright 100 acres adjoining above, provided my dau. Polly Wright is left in peaceable possession for life. All residue to daus. Nancy and Peggy, they to support wife Mary for life. To sons John and Boikinhead

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and son-in-law William Banks as the legal representative of my dau. Tourson Banks, one shilling. Benjamin Talliaferro, son John and daus. Nancy, and Peggy, Excrs. Signed July 3, 1813. Probated Mar. 7, 1814. Thomas Wortham, John Norman, Joshua Norman, Jr., Test.

Page 131--LYON, MARY. To daughters Eunice, Mary and Sarah, and sons Elijah and Elisha $1.00 each. To dau. Elizabeth, slave Easter and all other property. Elisha Lyon and William Patridge. Excrs. Signed Dec. 30, 1813. Probated May 6, 1816. Richard Sappington. Reuben Sappington, Wm. Rutledge, Test.

Page 8--McCLENDON, JACOB, Sr. Planter. To sons Isaac and Francis slave each. To son Samuel 500 acres including his own plantation and a slave. To son Dennis 750 acres, part of which formerly belonged to John Westbrook. To son Amos, the land whereon I now live, cattle, slaves after his mother's death. To daus. Jemima, Laney, Penelope and Nancy 25 annually. To dau. Bathaney a slave Sall. Wife Martha and son Isaac, Excrs. Signed Aug. 16, 1799. No date of probate. Joseph Bailey, Henry McKee, Sarah McKee, Test.

Page 80--McRAE, NANCY. House and lot where I reside to daughters Margaret and Nancy Allison jointly. To dau. Margaret McRae all the household furniture except one bed to Nancy Allison McRae. Robert McRae and Oliver H. Prince, Excrs. Signed Sept. 13, 1812. Probated May 3, 1813. Rebecca Allison, Richard H. Long, Elizabeth Sansom, Test.

Page 1--MANKIN, TABMAN. (non cupative) George Smith and Nathaniel Harris swear that they were sent for Dec. 21, 1807 to go to John Spearman's to see Mankin who was very sick. That he said Spearman was his biggest creditor, he to keep his colt and pay Nathaniel Harris and David Terrell, and keep the rest. Mentioned a debt owed by Jesse Baswell. Sworn to Dec. 29, 1807.

Page 25--MAXWELL, JOHN. To brother Robert Maxwell $500.00 To brother Francis Maxwell $5.00. To brother David Porterfield $50.00. To brother Thomas Maxwell 500 acres on Fishing creek, Lincoln Co., all personal estate, said Thomas to be sole Excr. Signed Aug. 25, 1807. Probated Sept. 5, 1809. Harris Colman, Matthew Phillips, Frankey Colman, Test.

Page 59--MURPHY, FRANCES. of Oglethorpe Co., at present of Wilkes. To brother Paschal H. Murphy, slave Nancy. To Fanny Murphy, dau. of William, a slave Andrew. To Amanda Dillon, dau. of Thos. Dillon, bed, furniture and wearing apparel, $50.00 cash. Residue to brother Benjamin, he to be Excr., with brother Paschal H. Signed Aug. 9, 1809. Probated Mar. 1811 George Phillips, Jacob Hodges, Test.

Page 52--MILLS, JOHN. "To be buried as near my dear deceased wife Lucy Mills as possible." To son Chas. Carter Mills, the land where I live, 700 acres in Wilkes, 25 in Columbia and Warren Co., on Little

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river, and $500.00. To dau. Nancy Simons $50.00. To dau. Sarah Mills $500.00, feather bed, etc. To dau. Matilda, $500.00, feather bed, etc., the last two to live with brother Chas. C. Mills as long as they are single. To dau. Polly Porter $1.00. Residue to be given to above named children, and daus. Rebecca Gartrell, Ketura Grant, and to dau. Lucy Moore, wife of Edward Moore for life, final division to Lucy's children. A portion to grandchildren Louisa, Augusta, Lucy Mills and Matthew Porter, children of dau. Polly Porter at majority or marriage to be in trust of William Grant and Abraham Simons. These two and Matthew Talbot, Excrs. Signed Dec. 16, 1807. Probated Feb. 3, 1812. James Dozier, Henry L. Reviere, Matthew Talbot, Test.

Page 96--MAUK, RACHEL. To beloved and only son Jepthah Mauk, $100.00 for which I have a judgment against Noah Lee. Theodorick Monfort, Excr, and guardian of son. Signed Aug. 6, 1813. Probated Mar. 7, 1814. Joseph Hurley, William A. Wheeler, Susanna Wheeler, Test.

Page 130--MONTFORT, JAMES. To wife Lucy Kennon Montfort all estate in fee simple. She and John Griffin Esqr., of the town of Wasington, Excrs. Signed Apr. 4, 1807. Probated Feb. 6, 1815. Joseph Worsham, Felix A. Burns, William Jay Minton, Test.

Page 134--MILLIGAN, SARAH. To son Seaborn Jones Milligan, all the money due me to purchase a slave. Legacy to niece Jane Ingene Parks. To executor all claim I may have in the will of James Ham of S. C. Marino (?) Roby, Excr. and guardian of son. Signed Oct. 14, 1811. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. John McDowell, Robt. Parks, Martha T. Roby, Test.

Page 126--MOUNTCASTLE, LUDWELL. of town of Washington. To brother John B. Leonard lot on the corner of Main and Spring streets, 590 acres in Wayne Co., provided he pays within three years $500.00 to the children of my sister Elizabeth Moore now residing in Prince George Co. Va. To my father's three youngest children by his last wife Elizabeth Chauncy that part of father's estate due me. Friend John B. Leonard, Excr. Signed May 6, 1815. Probated July 3, 1815. Daniel Stone, Benjamin McLaughlin, Joseph W. Robinson, Test.

Page 22--PRICE, DANIEL. To wife Frances, slaves, etc., to raise and support my children. To dau. Phebea Bird 12 1/2c. To daus. Catherine, Diana, Lemuella, certain slaves. To son Bird Price slaves, Two tracts of land in Wilkinson Co. to be sold for two youngest daughters, not named. Leonard Surtza and Philemon Bird, Excrs. Signed June 10, 1808. Probated May 7, 1810. Abner Dier, Hannah Dier, Elizabeth Surtza, Test.

Page 64--PEARSON, HENRY. To wife Frances for life all land, slaves, etc. To eldest son John, bed, etc. To sons Henry, Michael, Andrew and Garland, and daus. Frances, Mary, Elizabeth and Nancy, certain slaves,

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money, etc., after death of wife. Friend Chas. R. Carter, son-in-law Joel Chivers and son Henry Pearson, Excrs. Signed Apr. 9, 1811. Probated Mar. 3, 1812. John Flint, George Willis, John Garrard, Test.

Page 136--PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH. All estate real and personal to be equally divided between my three sons, Whitmell, Zacharias, and Elijah and my two daughters Mary Allen and Sarah Powell, and granddaughter Polly Hackney, dau. of William Phillips, dec'd. and the heirs of Joel Phillips, dec'd. Signed Aug. 13, 1812. Probated Mar. 4, 1816. James Lee, John Lee, John Lee, Sr., Test.

Page 29--QUEARNS, JOHN. To be buried at Smyrna Meeting House. To nephew Samuel Arnett 420 acres where I now live, slaves, etc. To nephew William Arnett 100 acres where he now lives which I purchased of Price Bird, and slaves, slaves to be set free, and 100 acres purchased of Philemon Bird set aside for their maintenance. Thomas Lesley and Thomas Talbot, trustees. To Catherine, widow of Edward Arnett 100 acres, where she now lives which I purchased from Williamson Bird, at her death or marriage to her sons John and Felix Arnett, and slaves to be set free as above. To John Spear, to Mary Stephens wife of John, to Nancy Anderson wife of Martin, to Margaret wife of Chas. Anderson $50.00 each To Margaret, wife of John Murphey $300.00. John Wingfield, Thos. Lesley, and Thos. Talbot, Excrs. Signed Aug. 15, 1814. Probated Jan. 8, 1816. Nathaniel Twining, Matthew Talbot, D. Creswell, Test.

Page 81--REYNOLDS, GEORGE. Wife Rachel to have half my estate, as recorded in the Clerk's office. The other half to my children, Hamilton and Hugh Reynolds, Betsy Attery (Autrey?) Jany Reynolds and Phebe Dickens. Friend Joseph Henderson, Excr. Signed June 16, 1813. Probated July 5, 1813. Jincey Holtzclaw, James Brummett, David Kerr, Test.

Page 67--SPRATLING, JAMES. To wife Winny the land whereon I live, 200 acres, slaves, cows, etc. To son Jesse 200 acres where he lives including the spring adj. Sherrod Wise and Wm. Norman, slaves, etc. To dau. Sarah Spartling, slaves, etc., she and her property to be in the care of son James Spratling. To dau. Winny Phillips two slaves. To son James 200 acres where he now lives, slaves, etc. To daus. Mary Phillips and Elizabeth Callaway certain slaves. To sons John and Henry the land whereon I live after their mother's death. Son James, William Johnson, and Christopher Orr, Excrs. Signed Apr. 6, 1812. Probated Sept. 7, 1812. Thomas McLaughlin, Sylvanus Gibson, John Gibson, Test.

Page 84--STROUD, MARTHA To son-in-law James Arnold, all estate. To daus. Sarah Little, Susan M. Carter and son Sherod Stroud $1.00 each "in full of the balance of all I ever intended for them to have." Son-in-law

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James Arnold, sole Excr. Signed Oct. 21, 1816. Probated Sept. 1, 1817. Rob. Pope, Martha Arnold, Dabney A. Martin, Test.

Page 106--SHEARER, JAMES. All estate to be equally divided among my six children and Anna Steele, the dau. of Eve Steele, to be divided between Anna and all the heirs of her mother, one-seventh. One-seventh each to William Shearer, Susanna Shearer, Polly Dukes, John Shearer, Nancy Shearer, and Elijah Shearer. To wife Anne Shearer a sufficient maintenance furnished by all the legatees at her request. William Shearer and James Rutledge, Jr., Excrs. Signed Oct. 20. 1808. . . . Hamilton, J. P., Thomas Anderson, J. P., Test.
Codicil. Nov. 11, 1808, giving wife a horse and saddle. No record of probate.

Page 107--SMITH, FRANCIS. To wife Lucy all property for life to dispose of at her death as she thinks proper. To son Reuben certain slaves extra, "he having been absent." Son-in-law Peter Early, Excr. Signed Oct. 31, 1812. P. S. The tract of land in Wilkinson Co. drawn by me in 1806 already given to wife Lucy. Anderson Riddle, Henry C. Dawson, Jane Hughes, Test. Probated July 4, 1814.

Page 4--TURNER, MESHACK. To wife Sally the land where I live, slaves, etc. for life, final division between my children. Daus. Nancy and Sally to be made equal with the other children. To son Meshack land when he is of age. To son James 106 acres where he now lives. To dau. Jinnie Lawson, land, etc. To dau. Rebecca Pruitt, land where Bird Pruitt now lives. Bird Pruitt, John Turner and Daniel Ogletree, Excrs. Probated Feb. 1, 1808. (???) Parker, John Ogletree, Test.

Page 15--THURMOND, WILLIAM, Sr. "Far advanced in age." Confirms gifts to sons John, Richard, Charles and William and daus. Betsy, Anne, Lucy, and Sally. To sons James, Stephen, Philip and Micajah, slaves, bed, etc. To dau. Mary Colbert under age, not married, slaves, etc. for life, to children, if any, at her death. If not to be divided among my seven sons, William, Charles, Benjamin, James, Stephen, Philip and Micajah. Benjamin, Philip and Micajah Thurmond, Excrs. Signed July 11, 1809. Probated May 7, 1810. A. Edwards, Leroy Wilkins, Atlandon Wilkins, Test.

Page 33--THOMPSON, JOSEPH. To son William Thompson for life the use of lands bought from Edward Shorts and Stephen Brown, and certain slaves, to go to grandson Joseph Thompson. On the decease of their father William, I give to grandson William Thompson, grandaus. Julia and Eliza Thompson, certain slaves. To wife Elizabeth, slaves, the plantation where we live lately bought from John Travis, near Ware Falls. To son James B. Thompson, certain slaves. To son Henry Bradford Thompson, slaves, cotton machine, etc. To dau. Fenson Hargraves, certain slaves. To grandau. Annes Semmes, not 16, a slave under the management of my son-in-law George Hargraves and son H. Bradford

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Thompson. Should Henry Semmes or any Semmes grandchildren die before 16, property returns to my estate. To grandson George Hargraves a slave. Gives land for a priests home, according to the rights of the Roman Catholic Church if established within two years. Two acres to be laid off by son Henry Bradford Thompson so as to include the burying ground, chapel and spring, the northern line to be fixed about five yards from lgnatius Semmes grave, gift to the Roman Catholic Church for a grave yard. Mentions a deed of gift from Ignatius Semmes to his daughters Annie and Henriette Semmes of slaves. Wife Elizabeth and son Henry Bradford Thompson, Excrs. Signed Dec. 9, 1809. Probated May 7, 1810. John McLaughlin, John Brooks, A. Giver, Test.

Page 39--THORNTON, SOLOMON. To son William a certain sum in two years after my death. To son Martain a certain sum in four years. To son John $1.00 cash. To dau. Nancy, wife of John W. Cooper $1.00 cash. To dau. Judy, wife of Samuel L. Hunter $1.00 cash. To grandsons Philip and Martain Thornton, sons of my son John, a slave now in possession of Rachel Thornton. Residue to wife Sally to be divided among our following children, Joshua, Polly, Betsy, Aggy, Caty, and Samuel Thornton. Wife Sally sole Excr. Signed Jan. 18, 1809. Probated Mar. 6, 1809. Matthew Talbot, Thomas Lastly, William Thornton, Jr., Test.

Page 48--TARVER, JOHN. All estate real and personal to be divided between wife Elizabeth and my six children, Richard Tarver, Patience Gibson, Moses, Charlotte, Benjamin and Andrew Tarver. Friends David Bates and James Jordan, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20. 1808. Probated Jan. 7, 1811. Anderson Bates, James Duke, Josiah Jordan, Test.

Page 110--TOLE, JAMES. To wife Priscilla for life or widowhood all estate, final division to all my children, not named. Jesse Norman, sole Excr. Signed Aug. 4, 1803. Probated May 2, 1811. James Hinton, Sophie Hinton, Test. Jesse Norman relinquishes his executorship May 2, 1814.

Page 70--WILLIS, JAMES. To wife Judith tract of land where I live, final division to sons Benjamin Franklin and William Berry Willis and child in esse. Residue to all the rest of my children except the shares of Fanny Gafford and Elizabeth Hansford to be given their children. Friend William Berry, Jones Kendricks and son James Willis, Excrs. Signed Jan. 19, 1813. Probated Mar. 1, 1813. Chas. R. Carter, Michael Pearson, Garland Pearson, Test.

Page 13--WILDER, DRED. To son Sampson land whereon I live. To grandson Jesse Bullard $250.00. To dau. Mary Champen a slave. To dau. Phanny Cody three slaves. To grandson Dred Cody $50.00. Friends Jesse Cody and Henry Champen, Excrs. Signed Sept. 5, 1808. Probated Nov. 7, 1808. Edward Stevens, Collin Wooten, William Sanford, Test.

Page 104--WILKINSON, BENJAMIN. To Stovall Pool $5.00. To daughter

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Williams certain slaves, bed, etc. To Christopher Render $5.00. To daughter Sherman slaves. To daughter Heard $5.00. To son John Wilkinson $1000.00, slaves, etc. Residue to wife Ann for life. Wife Ann, Excr. Signed Jan. 19, 1810. Probated May 5, 1817, John L. Ray, Sr., John L. Ray, Jr., Mary Ray, Test.

Page 128--WISE, SHERWOOD. To wife Sarah plantation on which I live, final division to sons Zachariah and Josiah. To dau. Ruth, feather bed, etc. Erwin and Patterson Wise have already received their share. Signed Mar. 10, 1816. No date of probate. William Johnson, Daniel Jackson, Henry Spratling, Test.

Page 31--YOUNG, THOMAS. Personal estate to be sold, land on which I live to be divided into three equal parts, one for the use of wife Elizabeth for life, to go to William Randolph, youngest son. To other two parts to two oldest sons, Samuel and David at majority. Certain slaves to oldest dau. Nancy, second dau. Polly when of, age. Two youngest daughters Elizabeth and Susan to draw their shares when of age. Charles Smith and William Saffold, Excrs. Signed Aug. 10. 1810. Probated Nov. 5, 1810. Richard Woodruff, Burwell Binns, Test.