The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Page 34--ANDERSON, GIDEON, To son William a slave Jude, and to live on the place only six years longer. To dau. Keziah Dukes a slave Celia, now in her possession. To son Martin slave Stephen and 80 acres where he now lives. To dau. Polly Ann Cooper slaves Nancy and Betty. Dau.

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Patty to have use of the house and part of land, during widowhood. To son Charles, slave and 100 acres where he lives. To the heirs of my dau. Susannah Butler a slave Julia. To son James 27 acres where William Anderson now lives. Daniel Price and Ganaway Martin, Excrs. Signed May 11, 1801. Probated Aug. 2, 1802. Daniel Price, John Querns, William Martin, Test.

Page 59--ATKINS, FRANKY, (she), To dau. Lucy Atkins, sons Arnold, Asa Ransom, Lea, Jerry, and Willis Atkins, $1.00 each. To daus. Nicy and Lovicy all balance of estate. John Hendrick, and Samuel Billingslea, Excrs. Signed June 10, 1801. Hiram Buckley, John Langston, Jr., Test.

Page 66--ALLEN, PETER L. VAN, To wife (not named) and dau. Caroline, minor, and child in esse, all estate, to be divided upon marriage or death of wife. Wife, Matthew Talbot and Col. Wylie Pope, Excrs. Signed July 29, 1802. Probated Mar. 9, 1803. William Cox, Wm. Sanders, James Ryan, Simon Peteet, Test.

Page 76--ALLISON, JOHN, of Washington, Wilkes Co. All property in Ga., to be equally divided between wife Rebecca, and children Robt. McRae Allison, Wm. Candom Allison, James and John Allison. Having lately recorded a tract of land on Licking creek, Fleming Co., Ky., it to be sold. "Whereas I am entitled as a Col. in the Va. Line to 6000 acres in Ky." this to be divided between sons Robert, James, John and William, none of them of age. Wife Rebecca, and friends Gilbert Hay, David Terrell and William G. Gilbert, Excrs. Signed Apr. 14, 1803. Probated Aug. 2, 1803. Felix H. Gilbert, J. Darracott, Thos. Terrell, Test. (Called "Col. John Allison" in inventory).

Page 98--ANGLIN, DAVID. To wife and young son William the land where we live, profits to be used in raising my children. To sons John and David 450 acres on both sides of Jackson and Clark county lines. To dau. Anna 219 acres in Clark Co. To daus. Amelia and Rebecca 300 acres in Oglethorpe Co., children all minors. Benj. Porter and Samuel Whatley, Excrs. Signed May 22, 1804. Lesley Coats, David Sidwell, William Farwell, Test.

Page 153--ARNOLD, JOSHUA. To wife Persilla, certain slaves. To sons John, William, Stephen, Edmund and Richard Arnold, the heirs of Daniel, Elizabeth and Polly Arnold, to dau. Betsy Smith, dau. Caty, certain slaves each. Plantation, etc., to wife Persilla, sons William and Edmund, Excrs. Signed Apr. 9, 1807. Probated June 1, 1807. Joseph Henley, George Malone, Nicholas Leprester, Test.

Page 20--BIRD, WILLIAMSON. To son Price 100 acres where he now lives. To son Philemon 100 acres where he now lives. To daus, Betsy Woodall and Fanny Price, certain slaves. To dau. Tabitha slave and bed. To dau. Caty Switcher a slave. To dau. Dyce a slave and bed. To son Williamson Bird 100 acres in the fork of Little creek. To son John

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100 acres where I now live. To wife Phoebe certain slaves, one to belong to grandson William Bird. Wife and son Price, Excrs. Signed Oct. 25, 1809. John Querns, Samuel Arnett, Rebecca Bonner, Test.

Page 54--BURNES, JOHN W. All estate to wife Susannah for life. To sons James W., and Samuel T. Burnes, daus. Nancy and Julia M. Burnes, slaves, etc. Wife Susannah and sons James W. and Samuel T. Excrs. Signed Dec. 21, 1801. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Benj., John, and Mary Phillips, Test.

Page 57--BALLARD, NATHAN. To wife Mary house and land where we live for widowhood, to be divided at marriage between her and my four children, to-wit: John, James, Edne, and Nancy. Edne to be maintained by my present wife during widowhood. John Dyson, Bolling Anthony, John Cooper, Excrs. Signed Feb. 9, 1803. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Philip Ballard, Test.

Page 58--BRAMBLETT, AMBROSE. To wife Janny home place, slaves, stock, etc. Residue to all my children: Jesse, William, Hughes, John, Lunsford, Meridy Bramblett, Thodeshus Netherland, Lydia Jones, Sally, Mary Ann and Elizabeth Bramblett. Wife Janny and son Jesse, Excrs. Signed Nov. 13, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. David Kerr, James Spratlin, Clayborn Laurence, Test. (wife called Jane in returns).

Page 101--BUSH, JOHN. Property to be kept together till the youngest child is 12. To dau. Elizabeth Bush, to two next daus. Polly Bryant Bush and Zilphah Bush, to dau. Jane Smith Bush, to dau. Susanna Franks Bush, furniture, silver, etc. Wife Susanna and son John Conrod Bush and Samuel Alexander, Excrs. Signed Mar. 10, 1805. Probated Aug. 5, 1805. Francis Flurney, Phillip Burrow, Littleton Taylor, Test.

Page 145--BOOKER, GIDEON, of Columbia Co., anxious to secure peace and happiness when I am gone, make this will. After debts are paid, all estate to beloved brother Wm. Flournoy Booker, he to be sole Excr. Signed July 28, 1794. Probated Apr. 6, 1802. Edward Moore, Jane Moore, Test.

Page 62--BEALL, JOHN. To wife Mary certain slaves and a living out of the property. To Joseph and Nathan Beall all they can make out of the land above the expense of maintaining the family and tuition for Polly and Lloyd his children. To daus. Betsy, Rachel and Harriott Beall slaves. To son John, bed, etc. above what he has. My two sons Joseph and Nathan, Excrs. Signed Oct. 6, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. Richard Revere, Daniel Gafford, Test.

Page 68--COLE, WILLIAM, To Wife Sally certain slaves, household goods, etc. To dau. Polly Armer (?) or Anne (?), certain slaves. To son Renne 100 acres on Fishing creek adjoining George Hamilton, whereon I formerly lived, half the land on the Oconee, slaves, etc. To dau. Sally Cole, slaves. To daus. Caty Cole, Jenny Cole, Suky Cole, slaves. To

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dau. Betsy Gartrell, slaves. To son Wm. Cole, the land where I now live and the other half of land on the Oconee. Wife, son Renne, and friend John Dyson, Excrs. Signed Aug. 4, 1802. Probated Mar. 9, 1803. Pelatiah Stallings, Jesse Stallings, Test.

Page 104--COHRON, JOB. All estate to wife Elizabeth for the maintenance of herself and children, not named, she to be sole Excr. Signed Nov. 14, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. William Thompson, Andrew Wilson, Test.

Page 81--CALLAWAY, JOB, Sr. To wife Mary a number of slaves, one-third of all moveable estate, dwelling house, land, etc. To son Jacob 558 acres where he lives, slaves, etc. To son Joseph 540 acres where he lives and several slaves. To son Job 614 acres where he lives, slaves, etc. To son Joshua 666 acres where he lives, slaves, etc. To son Isaac two-thirds of the land where I now live, at the death of wife Mary, two stills, slaves, etc. To dau. Unice Griffin five slaves. To sons Joseph and Job in trust for my dau. Mary Parks and her children, certain land and slaves. Wife Mary, sons Joseph and Job, Excrs. Signed Feb. 15, 1803. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. Thos. McLaughlin, Johnson Wellborn, Adam Lovin, Test.

Page 131--CATCHING, UNESTACY. To son Meredith Catching a slave, he paying son Isaac Wilkey $150.00. To dau. Nancy Mulkey a slave. To grandson Richard Frale a horse. To son Richard Madden, bed. To grandson Dennis Madden, bed. My saddle to Stacy Fletcher, cow and calf to dau. Caty Fletcher. Signed Mar. 6, 1807. Probated Apr. 6, 1807. John Peteet, Hetty Peteet, Test.

Page 71--DORSE, STEPHEN. All estate to wife Mary for life for raising the children, to be divided among them at her death, except son William who has received his share. Signed Feb. 3, 1801. Probated Mar. 14, 1803. Wiley Pope, Archd. Riddle, John Heard, Jr., Test.

Page 126--DUGAS, LEWIS, of the town of Washington, Wilkes Co. To wife Poalien and dau. Fanny Dugas all my property within the jurisdiction of the U. S. A., and requests their care of his other children in their education, etc. They to be Excrs. Signed Sept. 15, 1801. Probated Nov. 2, 1801. Nicholas Long, Louis Piquet, Test.

Page 146--DANIEL, ANNA, To son Moses Echols, and dau. Catherine Daniel, stock, etc. To sons Jeremiah and Hopkins a certain tract of land in the county Pensylvania (Pittsylvania?) state of Va., 200 acres to be divided between them. Son Moses, David Bates and Geo. Willis, Excrs, Signed Aug. 20, 1806. Probated Nov. 3, 1806. Jeremiah Terry, Cyrus Billingslea, Reuben Echols, Test.

Page 159--DEARING, ROBERT. To son Robert, to daus. Kesiah and Lucy Dearing and to wife Zonna Dearing, bed, etc. a piece. Zonna's bed to go to son Jesse Dearing at her death. To son John B. a feather bed

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and all the land on which I live, all personal estate for the maintenance of my wife. The rest of the children having received their beds. Son John B., Excr, Signed June 18, 1805. Probated Nov. 3, 1806. William Maxwell, Sr., William Maxwell, Jr. Test.

Page 143--FINNEY, JAMES. To dau. Sarah McCormick Finney all estate in fee simple except $50.00 to Mary Byington. Friends Alex. Harper and James Patterson, Excrs. Signed Feb. 4, 1801. Probated Mar. 8, 1803. Geo. Stewart, Delilah Beval, Test.

Page 49--FLUKER, WILLIAM. To wife Mary Ann a slave, horse, bed, 40 gallons of brandy, etc. To father Owen Fluker a slave. To brother Isaac a horse. To Nancy Hunnicutt $100.00. Residue to be divided between brother John and sister Betsy Fluker. Mary Ann and Isaac Fluker, Exers. No date. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Barthalomew Johnson, Test.

Page 45--GLASS, JOHN. To sons Joshua, Thomas, William, Josiah, and to Lemuel Glass son of Joel, $80.00 each. To Dorcas Wilborn half a dollar. To Rachel Cheor (?) half a dollar. Residue for maintenance of wife while she lives. Joel Glass, Excr. Signed Jan. 19 1803. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Robt. Dearring, Sr., Chas. and Susannah Hoff, Test.

Page 119--GREENE, WILLIAM. To wife (not named), all estate for her maintenance and support of our children. To dau. Mary Ann Christmas Green certain personal estate and the land after her mother's decease. To son Joseph Anthony Green slaves, bed, etc. To son Wm. Graves Green, slaves, bed, etc. To son John Springer Green, slaves, bed, etc. To all three sons land on Shoulderbone creek, Hancock Co. All property to be left together till they come of age or marry. Mentions land on Fishing creek willed by his father and bought of Creswell. Wife, Solomon Green, Bolling Anthony, and John Green, Excrs. Signed Mar. 14, 1805. Probated July 7, 1806. John Graves, Geo. Hamilton, Thomas Jones, Test.

Page 133--GRESHAM, JAMES. To wife Talaitha, slaves, land, cattle, furniture, etc., all three beds, one of which I received from the estate of Drury Williams. To daus. Mary Davis, Elizabeth Langdon, Judith Davis, and Jane Mattox several slaves and one soldier's bounty for State Troops for 640 acres, and my right to two draws in the last purchase. To son Chas. W., slaves, feather bed and half the cupboard furniture that belonged to me before married to Talitha. Thos. Gresham to have certain houses on the plantation. Chas. W. Gresham, Thos. Gresham, William Davis and Isaac Langdon, Excrs. Sgined Apr. 11, 1807. Probated June 1, 1807. Cyrus Billingslea, John Henly, James D. Gresham, Test.

Page 25--HURLEY, JOHN. To wife Elizabeth all estate for her support to be managed by son James Hurley, to be divided at her death among my sons Henry, Joseph, David, and dau. Ann Morrison, and to John

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Green Hurley, son of Joseph cow and calf. To Elizabeth Chaney now living with me a year's schooling. To son James the plantation and appurtenances, slaves, etc. Signed Oct. 24, 1797. Codicil. To grandson Yeates Hurley, $3.00. Probated Mar. 14, 1802. Chas. Phillips. John Chaffin, Patience Chaffin, Test.

Page 39--HENLEY, JOHN, Sr. All property to be in charge of present wife Catherine as long as she is a widow. If she marries, Thos. Terrell, Jr., and John McLowd to be trustees. Children named Sukey Henley, son John, and John, son of said John, sons Philip, Edmund, William, James Darby, Elijah and Micajah. Certain property to son Abner, "by my present wife, and the rest of her children." Signed July 19, 1801. Probated July 24, 1806. Francis Willis, Abraham Tyson, William Prince, Test.

Page 46--HENDRICK, JAMES. All estate to wife Kitty except the slaves which are to be set free, provided my brother John Hendrick dies first. Advises his wife to live with her sister Mrs. McKie and her niece Mrs. Allison till she decides what to do. Friends Nicholas Long, Dr. Gilbert Hay, Dr. John Jos. Long, John Wingfield and Robt. McRae, Excrs. Signed June 2, 1803. Probated Mar. 7, 1804. Proved by the oath of Dr. Gilbert Hay.

Page 51--HEARD, JESSE, planter. All that he received by his present wife and all that he bought of the legatees of Jacob Early, be returned to the estate. A legacy to wife in lieu of dower. Residue of estate to be divided among my children, Stephen, Lucy, Salley, Judith and Jesse, Polly, Betsy and Sukey. Ebenezer Smith, Jonathan Webster, Peter and David Terrell, Spencer and Benj. Branham are requested to divide his estate. Son Stephen, friends Peter Early, Ebenezer Smith and Seaborn Jones, Excrs. Signed Dec. 30, 1801. Probated Mar. 7, 1803. Robt. Hughes, Nathan Holtzclaw, Francis Patterson, Test.

Page 61--HOLMES, JOHN. To wife Cloe whole estate for life. To dau. Apsilla Milner, beds, cows, etc. To dau. Penelope Milner horse, bed, etc. which she has already received. To dau. Mary Parks, ditto, already received. Land to be divided among his four sons, Josiah, John, and James, called oldest. To Moses a slave Isaac also. To dau. Elizabeth and son Moses a horse each at majority. Wife Chloe, Geo. Willis, Sr., Jere. Bentley and my three oldest sons, Josiah, John and James, Excrs. Signed Sept. 4, 1802. Probated Mar. 8, 1803. Jeremiah Reeves, Malachi Reeves, Test.

Page 115--HUDSPETH, WILLIAM, "being far advanced in years." To wife Mary my plantation of 300 acres and five slaves, with exceptions made. To son Robert a slave and a note on Stephen Lyons now in his possession. To dau. Mary Laurence, slaves. To son Thomas 200 acres adjoining Joel Appling and slaves. To son George certain slaves. To son Richard four slaves and 300 acres of land. To grandchildren Tabitha

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and George Laurence certain slaves, all legacies at death of wife. Friends John Hanson and Thomas Terrell, Excrs. Signed Aug. 13, 1802. Probated Jan. 6, 1806. David Kern. M. Roly, Harris Coleman, Isaac McKleroy, Test.

Page 111--JOHNSON, ELIJAH. To wife Rachel and her heirs all estate forever. Wife and Edward Butler. Excrs. Signed Oct. 21. 1804. Probated Mar. 3, 1806. John Black, Geo. Moreland. William Russell, Test.

Page 94--LOYD, DANIEL. To wife Sarah all estate for life under the direction of son Edmond Loyd. Young Stokes, Glenn Owen and Edmond Loyd, Excrs. Signed Jan. 2, 1804. Probated Aug. 6, 1804. Young Stokes, B. Smith, Test.

Page 17--McRAE, ROBERT. To wife Nancy alias Agnes. daus. Nancy and Margaret McRae, sons Robert, Henry Lyles and Allison McRae all property as the children come of age, sons James William and John and daus. Catherine and Rebecca having been provided for. To sons Robert, Henry L., and Allison all real estate in Penna, Va. or Ga., subject to support of wife for widowhood. Wife Nancy, alias Agnes, Col. John Allison and son Robert, Excrs. Signed Aug. 25, 1800. Probated Mar. 8, 1802. John W. Burns, Samuel T. and Julia M. Burns. Test.

Page 30--MINTON, TABITHA. To dau. Mary Ann Minton all property now in possession of my brother Wm. Minton. "Consisting of slaves left by my grandfather Thos. Ballow." Aunt Hughes and her dau. Selinda Hughes to raise my dau. Wm. Minton and friend Robt. Hughes, Sr. Excrs. Signed Nov. 8, 1803. Probated Mar. 15, 1804. Robt., James, and Mary Hughes, Test.

Page 31--McLEAN, JAMES. To daus. Elizabeth Sherrell, Susanna Stamper, Polly, Louisa, slaves, etc., to them and their heirs forever. Youngest children John, Polly and Louisa. Son John, Excr. Signed June 12, 1802. Probated Aug. 2, 1802. Robt. Killgore, Francis Gidden. James Pratt, Test.

Page 92--MILLIGAN, JAMES. To wife Nancy all estate, she and John McDoowel, Excrs. Signed Jan. 23, 1804. Chas. Haft, Wm. Arthur, Wm. Maxwell, Test.

Page 112--MOORE, JONAS. To sons James, Benj., and Jonas, the last under age. To dau. Sarah Wood $4.00. To dau. Polly Moore and Peggy Brydun cows. To dau. Prudence Moore, bed. To James, Sally and Polly children of my son Richard a cow each. Samuel and James Walker. Excrs. Signed May 13, 1805. Probated Aug. 5, 1805. Samuel Walker, James Walker, James Moore Test.

Page 125--MERIWETHER, DAVID. To wife Mary all estate at her disposal "to give to my dau. Mary, or any of the said Martha Taliaferro's

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children or grandchildren." No date. Probated Sept. 1, 1806. Isam Watkins, Francis, Valentine and Nicholas L. Meriwether, Test.

Page 165--MOORE, SETH. To wife Mary slaves, etc., with the proviso that she give to five youngest a bed at majority. To dau. Nelly Lawson, to son Barnard Moore, to dau. Sally Winsted, to Rebecca Norris, to sons Thos. Moore, Seth Moore, Burnett Moore and John Moore, slaves, etc. already received. Wife Mary and son Thomas, Excrs. Signed Jan. 11, 1807. Probated July 6, 1807. Jos. Hurley, Elijah Phillips David Simpson, Test.

Page 123--OWEN, MILDRED. Being possessed of a slave Abel to dispose of at my discretion, I give him to my grandson Daniel Grant provided he pays to my grandson Thos. Moore $50.00. Son-in-law Seth Moore, Excr. Signed May 8, 1805. Probated Nov. 3, 1806. Thos., William, Milley Grant, Test.

Page 108--PATTEN, MATTHEW. Property to be equally divided among my four children: Solomon, Samuel, and Thomas Patten and dau. Rebecca Winfrey, Samuel to have a slave called Lott. Wm. Henderson, Geo. Barber, Christopher Orr, Excrs. Ignatius Rains, Sr., Henry Rains, Ignatius Raines, Jr., Test. Signed Apr. 20, 1798. Probated Mar. 3, 1806

Page 156--REEVES, JEREMIAH. Certain horses and cattle to be divided among six daus. not named. To wife Jane all stock, plantation, tools, etc. To dau. Rhoda two cows and calves. To my two sons James and John all land after the death of my wife. Sons Malachi and Jeremiah, Excrs. Signed July 21, 1806. Probated Sept. 1, 1806. Ichabod and James Reeves, Test.

Page 160--RICHARDSON, WILLIAM. All estate to wife, not named, for life, then to son Wm. Richardson except a slave Sam "on condition that Wm. Mills pays the value of the slave to son Wm. Richardson." Wife and two sons John and Thomas, Excrs. Signed Jan. 13, 1806. Probated Mar. 4, 1807. John Russell, Jane Mills, John Richardson, Test.

Page 64--SLADE, NICHOLAS, planter. Wife Martha to have use of land, etc. for life, to son Josiah at her death. To dau. Polly Slade a feather bed. To daus. Belinda, Nancy, Sally, Patsy, Charlotte, Susanna and Rebeckah a feather bed as they come of age. Wife Martha and son Josiah, Excrs. Signed Mar. 24, 1799. Probated Mar. 9, 1803. Thos. Porter, Mary, and Josiah Slade, Test.

Page 73--SLAYDEN, ARTHUR. To wife Rosamond all estate for life, at her death son Samuel to have the land, etc. To sons Elisha, Daniel, John and Willouby $1.00 each, and what they have received. To the lawful heirs of dau. Susanna Bankston, bed, etc. in possession of her and her husband Hiram Bankston. Residue to Phoebe Martha Jones, Rachel, Joseph and Elijah Slayden. Samuel Jones and son Joseph, Excrs. Signed

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Mar. 17, 1803. Probated Mar. 14, 1803 (?) Recorded May 28, 1806. John Johns, John Henley, Rachel Slayden, Test.

Page 79--STONE, JOHN. To wife Mildred all estate for life without interruption, at her death son James to have land, etc., and daus. Elizabeth Cunningham and Ann Stovall $350.00 each. Calls these "my three children." Wife, son James and Anselm Cunningham. Excrs. Signed Feb. 8, 1805. Probated Mar. 4, 1805. Wm. Jones, John and Joseph Scott, Test.

Page 91--SMITH, JOHN To friend David Anglin all estate "which is nothing more than compensation for support, etc. during my present illness." David Sidwell, Jr., and John Sidwell, Excrs. Signed Apr. 29, 1803. Probated Mar. 15, 1804. Da. Sidwell, Lewis Coppage, B. Porter, Test.

Page 93--SHANNON, PATRICK. To wife Mary all estate during her single life, to go to the use of my children Evans and Mary Shannon under the direction of my friend Edward Short. Wife Mary, Excx. Signed Mar. 25, 1804. Probated Aug. 6, 1804. Wm. Thompson, James Edge, Joseph Cohron, Test.

Page 96--STAPLES, STEPHEN. "To dearly beloved and truly affectionate wife, Mary" all estate to be disposed of as directed hereafter. Confirms gift to daus. Elizabeth Dozier, Mary Harris, Sarah Vaughn and Charity Alexander. To daus. Nancy, Rebecca and Ginia Staples slave each, etc. To son Thomas 200 acres of land. To Zillah, Jincy, Julia, Franky, Sukie, Lucy and Judith Staples all personal property of their mother at her death as they come of age. Friends Joseph Evans and William Berry, Excrs. Signed Feb. 6, 1804. Probated Mar. 4, 1805. Thos. M. Berry, Woody Dozier, Andrew B. Stephens, Test.

Page 23--TUCKER, DANIEL. Property to be divided between wife (not named) and Sarah Tucker dau. of Thomas Tucker. Wm. Ashmore, John Lynn, Excrs. Signed Sept. 27, 1803. Probated Mar. 13, 1804. John Lynn, Leven Parkenson, James Beys (?), Test.

Page 137--TALBOT, PHEBE, widow. "My body to be buried in the meeting house lot as near the grave of my dear deceased husband John Talbot as it can be placed." As said husband gave each of the eldest children of such of our sons and daus. as were then married, a slave, and as our son Matthew has married since his death, I give to his dau. Euphenia West Talbot a slave. As my grandau. Mary Garlington Walker, wife of Freeman Walker lost the slave given her by her grandfather, gives her a slave, Satira. To grandson Samuel Creswell, slave bed, etc. To Mrs. Martha Arthur $50.00. To Miss Martha Arthur $50.00. To my old acquaintance Mrs. Mary Doss, $25.00. To Matthew half of household furniture, the residue to be divided into five parts to be equally divided unto son Matthew, son Thomas, dau. Mary Triplett, wife of Wm. Triplett, dau. Elizabeth Walker, wid., and the remaining

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one-fifth to grandchildren, Mary Garlington Walker, wife of Freeman, John Talbot Creswell, Phebe Creswell, Zulenia, Elizabeth and Samuel Creswell children of my deceased dau. Phebe Creswell, as they arrive at majority, to be managed by sons Thomas and Matthew, said sons Excrs. Debts of sons Matthew and Thomas, son-in-law David Creswell and Wm. Triplett, dau. Elizabeth Walker and estate of Geo. Walker, dec'd. not to be paid. Signed Apr. 12, 1806. Probated Aug. 6, 1806. Massa Thomas, Nathaniel McCoy, Robt. Jackson, Test.

Page 128--THOMPSON, GEORGE. To wife Ann all estate for life to be equally divided among my children as follows; Confirms gifts to son Jos. Thompson, dau. Frances, wife of John Ferguson. Residue to be divided among sons John and George, daus. Mary Phillips, Peggy Evans, Sally Trammel, Anne Boman, Lucy Richardson, Betsy Crews, Nancy Formby, Frances Forgerson, Mourning Huddleston, and Susanna Formby. Brother-in-law John Ogletree and friend Nathan Formby, Excrs. Signed Jan. 16, 1806. Probated Mar. 2, 1807. Allen G. Arnold, Burwell Ferguson, Israel Moore, Test.

Page 10--WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM. To wife Molly all estate for widowhood. To son James a slave in his possession. To sons Claybrook, Micajah, Thomas, William, Jonathan and Robert, daus. Betsy, Lydia, and Polly Williamson certain slaves, bed, etc. Land in Franklin Co. on Hunters creek to be sold, money to be divided between four sons, Micajah, Jonathan, Lilborn and Robert. Wife Molly and sons Micajah and Jonathan, Excrs. Signed Oct. 13, 1800. Probated Mar. 6, 1801. David Kerr, N. Jarrett, Jos. Pollard, Test.

Page 15--WINGFIELD, JOHN, Jr. To son Garland the plantation known as "Solitude" at majority. To sons Overton and John the home plantation at the death of my wife Mary. Land in Jackson and Clark counties to be sold and equally divided among all my children as they marry or come of age. Wife Mary and brother Garland Wingfield and Hope Hull, Excrs. Probated Mar. 8, 1802. J. Daracott, John Pettris, Test.

Page 27--WHITE, JOHN. To wife Lucy half the profits of farm and grist mill. To son David the other half, slaves, bed, etc. To Thomas the place I now live on, slaves etc. at 18 years of age. To friend Wm. Stone the place he now lives on for ten years, then to my son Thos. White. Wife Lucy, son David, friend Wm. Stone, and Bolling Anthony, Excrs. Signed Mar. 1, 1804. Probated Mar. 5, 1804. Richard Town, Robert Matthews, Wm. Thompson, Test.

Page 37--WEBSTER, ABNER. To wife Elizabeth 150 acres where I now live for life for the support of herself and my children (not named), dau. Maria Webster to have a certain sum of money above her share, because of the loss of her hand. Mentions land adjoining Benj. Gresham and a note from James West, due his son John Webster. Wife Elizabeth,

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Solomon Thornton and Jonathan Webster. Excrs. Probated Aug. 3, 1803, John Martin, John Raikes Brown, Joel Abbott, Test.

Page 105--WILLIAMS, DRURY. To wife (not named) all estate for widowhood, one-third if she marries. Wm. M. Williams, son of my son Wm. M., dau. Polly Webster and son Zachariah Williams not to draw an equal share out of my estate until my children hereafter named shall receive enough to make them equal with above named children for property left them by my father Wm. Williams. Children to be named are John Williams, Jesse Williams, Sally Walton. wife of Augustus G. Walton, Nancy and Willis Williams. Wife (not named) Jonathan Webster and John Dyson, Excrs. Signed Sept. 6, 1805. Probated Mar. 4, 1806. Thomas Anderson, William Reeves, Wm. Williams. Test.