The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


The following is the index to WILL BOOK "D D," supposed to have been burned in the office of a lawyer who had borrowed it. The earliest date is before the year 1779 and includes the year 1792. The identity of the will book was established by Judge Fanning finding some original wills, marked as having been recorded in Book D D, pages corresponding to the index. Abstracts of all original wills recorded in this book which have been found up to June 1931, follow this index. The loss of this book is nothing short of a tragedy:

Alexander, Joseph 54
Aycock, Richard 56
Ashford, William 59
Anderson, John 78
Armstrong, John 144
Autrey, John 152
Armstrong, John 179, 180
Bridges, Thomas 16
Brown, William 17
Bridges, David 27, 213
Bowen, John 25, 255
Burnley, Israel 29, 270
Bradley, Joshua 43
Bayse, Joseph 44, 258
Blackmore, Thomas 57, 56
Burges, James 71
Bridges, Nathaniel 71
Bridges, David 71
Barnes, William 71
Bennett, Ann 71
Brownfield, John 135, 140
Bass, Ethelred 173, 195
Banks, Thomas 198, 200
Bridewell, Jesse 202
Barnard, Baxter 205
Caudale, Richard 11
Caudle, Hannah 11
Coleman, Daniel 3, 4, 5, 6, 32, 34
Cannon, Roger 31
Colbert, John 57, 60, 214
Cowen, William 84
Cahoon, David 106
Cochran, Samuel 114, 262
Carson, Samuel 119, 121, 122
Campbell, John 124, 132, 133
Cook, Judith 125
Cresswell, Samuel 129
Chisolemn, John 165
Caudle, Richard 166
Carter, John 167
Cooper, William 189
Callaway, Francis 210, 212
Day, David 14, 207
Duke, Henry 15
Davis, Augustine 19, 20, 21, 22
Dukes, James 29
Daniel, William 72, 218
Dunkin, Miles 76, 250
Dawson, Robert 90, 91
Dooly, John 113
Davis, John 133, 256
Echols, Edward 72

End of Page 45 - Begin Page 46

Edwards, John 110, 111
Elsbury, Michael 203
Ellis, Solomon 256
Fulsom, Benjamin 37
Garr, Michael 6, 12
Griffin, Owen 48, 220
Gray, James 51, 216
Gooding, Wilkinson 103, 248
Goolsby, Peter 111, 253
Grantham, John 130, 132
Gibson, Walter 137, 247
Govely (Gavely), James 167
Harris, David 25
Heard, Barnard 27
Hendrick, Banjamin 30
Hammock, Benedick 51, 108
Hinton, Dimsey 61, 62, 63, 64, 83
Holliday, William 73
Hinton, Micajah 77
Holeman, David 79
Harris, Joel 85
Hughes, Tharpe 87, 88
Hill, James 88, 97
Heard, Barnard 93
Heard, George 96, 98
Heard, John 142, 148
Hill, Abner 158, 161, 171
Howell, James 175, 176, 193
House, William 199
Hampton, (widow of Thos.) 213
Hampton, Thomas (will) 224


Folio 255--BOWEN, JOHN. All just debts to be paid out of personal estate, "as to funeral charges perhaps I may be removed at too great distance to be thought of here, therefore I leave that to the hospitality of the people wherever my death may happen." To wife Rachel all that her father gave her, a slave boy Adam, the dun mare and her bed and furniture. To sons Horatio and William Bowen all other estate real and personal here or elsewhere. Friends Geo. Matthews, his son John Matthews, Excrs., to see to the education of the children which I hope will be made out of the increase of the stock and plantation. No date or test. Proven, Oct. 4, 1790 by the oath of John Matthews, Esqr., before Edward Jones, R. P.

Folio 262--COCHRAN, SAMUEL. To wife Marah, all lands and tenements whereon I live for life or widowhood, to go to three youngest sons, Samuel, William and Micajah at her death or marriage. To my beloved children, Elizabeth, Jennet, Thomas, John, Samuel and Micajah all my claim to a certain 300 acres in Campbell Co., Va., on the north fork of Sinica. Three youngest children, Samuel, Wm., and Micajah to continue at home, to be educated from the profits of the estate and furnished with a horse each at majority. Having given son John his share during my life, now give him 5 to be raised out of sale of lands in Virginia. Wife Marah, son John and friend Benj. Baldwin, Excrs. Signed Oct. 27, 1791. Probated July 25, 1791 (This is correct, but seems improbable, G. G. D.) Richard Johnson, Robt. Leverett, Test.

Folio 255--ELLIS, SOLOMON. To wife Frances all land for life, final division to sons Chas., John, and Joseph. To son Chas. my black horse and pide cow, cow to each of the other two sons. To daus. Zillah, Fanny, and Sally a cow each, to Zillah and Patty a colt each, and to Fanny my gray mare. To wife Frances my sorrel mare. Wife Frances and son Chas., Excrs. Signed Jan. 2, 1790. No record of probate. Francis Satterwhite, Thos. Penn, Richard Burden, Test.

End of Page 47 - The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 48

Folio 247--GIBSON, WALTER. All estate to wife Judah for life, "should she be the Oldest liver." At her death, an inventory of all household goods, horses, tools and a psalm book, etc. to son Sylvanus. To dau. Mary Hogan the tract of 200 acres on which I live, cattle, household goods and hymn book and Bible. To dau. Patsy Davis, featherbed and cattle. To dau. Elizabeth Hogan bay horse and 5. Son Sylvanus and son-in-law Griffin Hogan, Excrs. Signed Oct. 15, 1787. Probate Nov. 26, 1791. Stephen, Thos., and Wm. Johnson, Test.

Folio 248--GOODIN, WILKINSON. To son Jonathan Goodin one shilling. To John Milner, relationship not given, horse, cart, feather bed, bason, plates, iron skillet and one "chear." Signed Nov. 13, 1790. Probated but no date. Stephen Clement, John Felts, Test.

Folio 216--GRAY, JAMES. To wife Flower, slaves Augey, Jude, Jane and Grace, horses, cattle, etc., and the plantation where I live for life or widowhood. Slaves Peter and Betty to be sold to buy land for son James. At wife's death slaves to be divided among sons John, James and daus. Sally and Grace, son John to have plantation. Wife Flower, bros. Geo. and Jos. Gray, Excrs. Signed Dec. 2, 1789. Probated May 10, 1790. Pat. Cunningham, Ann Gray, Jane Cunningham, Test.

Folio 135--HEARD, JOHN. To grandau. Jane Austin, slave and household goods. To grandau. Sarah Geaconinny (pronounced Germany), eldest dau. of Bridget Staten, and her youngest dau. Bridget Staten all residue, to be in possession for life of his wife Bridget Heard to better enable her to raise and educate grandau. Jane Austin. Son Stephen Heard, son-in-law Jos. Staten, nephew Jesse Heard, Excrs. No record of probate. Jesse Heard, Wm. Van Jemine (?), Test.

Folio 68--HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM. To wife Ann. land on Little river where we now live for life, final division to two youngest sons, Ayres and John Holliday. To daus. Jane, Mary, Ann, and Elizabeth and to sons Robt., Wm., and Thos., five shillings each. To son Abraham a gray horse. To dau. Mary white mare and dun heifer. To son John sorrel mare. To dau. Margery a black spotted heifer. To son Abraham plantation tools, etc. Wife Ann sole Excx. Signed Sept. 21, 1778. Proved in presence of the widow July 7, 1786. Holman Freeman, R. P. Wm. Ayers, John Smith, Thos. McDowell, Test.

Folio 250--MARKS, JOHN. To wife Lucy the use of whole estate real and personal for life or widowhood to be under the direction of my executors. To my two "neffues" Haistens and Peter Marks, sons of my bro. Peter Marks 1000 acres on the western waters of Va., being a part of 4000 acres "due me for my services in the Continental Arme," if it is precured. To son John Haistens Marks the land whereon I live, to be sold if thought best to purchase land elsewhere. At the death or marriage of my wife Lucy all residue to be divided between my children, John Haistens Marks and Polly Garland Marks at majority or marriage.

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Friends John Gilmer and Nicholas Johnson, Excrs. Signed Mar. 29, 1791. Probated Oct. 30, 1791. Henry Tyler, Thos. Meriwether, Wm. Johnson, Frans. Meriwether, Test.

Folio 249--MONTGOMERY, DAVID. To wife Elizabeth all "parsonry" property during her "naterl" life, final division among our children, David and James Montgomery and Chas. Tuggle to draw for Milly, Zack and Sall, John Herd to have Nelson. David and James Montgomery and John Herd, Excrs. To son Matthew 5. 10s. To "soning-law" Robt. Montgomery 2. 10s. Signed July 21, 1791 Probated Aug. 21, 1791. Robt. Morrow, James Roberson, Test.

Folio 246--MILNER, WILLIS, of Wilkes Co. Ga., "porely in body, but of sound mind and memory." To beloved wife Salley, bed, furniture, cow and calf, and for her proper use the loan of plantation "during her remaining a virtous widow." To first born son Simeon, slaves Rachel and Simeon. Land to be equally divided between my two sons Simeon and John, both to be educated to make good English scholars at the expense of the estate, both minors. My father John Milner and Pitt Milner beloved wife Salley and Benj. Milner, Excrs. Signed Dec. 13, 1790. Probated Oct. 3, 1791. Jeremiah Reaves, John Holmes, John Ballard, Test.

Folio 71--NELSON, JOHN. To grandsons John and Chas., sons of William, dec'd. certain slaves. To dau.-in-law Elizabeth Nelson, relict of Wm. Nelson, dec'd. certain slaves. Slave Jim, Sr., to be emancipated and the privilege of 15 acres where Daniel Clark now lives. Signed Dec. 15, 1808. No record or date of probate. Annexed to above will, nephews William, Robert and David Sympson, Excrs. Archibald Simpson, Chas. Philips, Samuel Rice, Test.

Folio 219--RASBURY (RASBERY), WILLIAM. To son Philip all the land whereon I live, after the death of wife Elizabeth. To dau. Mary Inloe, sow and pigs. To son James one shilling. To wife Elizabeth, cattle, horses, household goods, etc., which belonged to her when I married her, possession of the dwelling and land for life, all residue to son Philip. Son Philip and friend Samuel McClendon, Excrs. Signed Apr. 7, 1786. Probated Jan. 8, 1791. Benj. Baird, Mickey Baird, Judye Lowrey, Test.

Folio 264--TATUM, PETER. To wife Rebeccah land whereon I live, a large number of slaves, household goods, cattle, horses, etc., for life, final division to my eight children. To son Howell 200 acres where he lives. To son Epps a bounty of 287 1/2 acres on Richland creek in Greene Co. To son Peter another bounty of 287 1/2 acres on Richland creek. To daus. Rebecca, Nancy, Polly and Sally Tatum three slaves each at 18 years of age. To son Thomas three slaves, 300 acres bought of Wm. Green and known as Greenland, one still etc., and the land whereon I live at his mothers decease, when he is 21. Wife Rebeccah and son Howell,

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Excrs. Signed July 20, 1791. Samuel Thornton, Wm. Mosely, Wyche Goodwin, John Chandler, Test. Codicil. Wife Rebeccah to raise my five last children and have the use of their slaves till they are 15 years old, then to be hired out until they are 18. Five last children. Rebekah, Nancy, Polly, Sally and Thomas. Signed Aug. 1, 1791. Probated Aug. 11, 1791. Samuel Thornton, Wm. Mosely, Wm. Ely, Test.

Folio 130--THOMAS, PHILIP. To sons John and Augustain and daus. Mary Nuten, Rachel Cooper, Ann Jones and Elizabeth Holmes, five shillings each. Land on Cloud's creek, household furniture etc. equally divided between two daughters Margaret and Hannah. To sons Benj., and Edward the land where I now live, horses, etc. Edward to be educated, property to be given them after death of wife Mary. Wife Mary and son Benjamin, Excrs. Signed Jan. 3, 1786. No record of probate. Thomas Brown, Ann Brown, Test.