The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.


Folio 1--PHILIPS, JOHN, dec'd. William Philips son of said dec'd. appointed Admr. 1781.

Folio 2--Inventory, A. Bedle, Robt. Day, John Nelson, appraisers.

Folio 4--STEWART, Capt. JOHN, dec'd. late of Wilkes Co., Estate appraised and sold by Capt. Wm. Walker, vendue master. 100 acres in Richmond Co., listed, a slave Pompey. Edmund Beard, Ralph Killgore, Wm. Walker, Isaac .... appraisers. Reg. Jan. 8, 1784. Letters dismissory granted Oct. 7, 1785.

Folio 5--GILLILIN, HUGH, dec'd. Thomas Gillilin, father of said dec'd. appointed Admr.... 1781.

Folio 7--FORT, WINNEFORD, Sr., of 96 Dist. S. C. To Arthur Fort of same place, a slave Bob, no consideration mentioned. Oct. 1, 1779. Edie Burton, Test. Proved before Arthur Fort, J. P. for above Dist. Apr. 5, 1783. Rec. Jan. 5, 1784 by B. Heard.

Folio 8--BURKHALTER, JOHN, of Wrightsborough Township, St. Pauls Parish, Province of Ga., blacksmith, to his sons Michael, John, Jacob, Joshua, Jeremiah and Isaac Burkhalter, and daus. Mary and Barbarah Burkhalter, all estate real and personal. Deed of gift, May 24, 30th, year of the reign of George III, 1773. Gresham Woodall, Nicholas Mason, Test. Recorded Jan. 28, 1784, Bernard Heard.

Folio 12--FILPSE, DAVID, dec'd. Alex. Autrey, appointed Admr. Feb. 25, 1782. John and Jacob Autrey, Benj. Thompson, Esqr., William Hammett, appraisers.

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Folio 13--List of Administrations granted by Barnard Heard, R. P. BUFFINGTON, PETER & JOHN, dec'd. Edward Hogans, Admr. Jan. 15, 1784.

SMITH, WILLIS, dec'd. Wm. Simmons appointed Admr. Jan. 15, 1784.

GOLDEN, HENRY, dec'd. Sarah Golden and Solo. Nusom, Admrs. Jan. 15, 1784.

HARPER, JOSEPH, dec'd. Thos. Crocker, planter appointed Admr. Jan. 15, 1784.

Folio 13--SMITH, BARETT, dec'd. John Langford, millwright, appointed Admr. Jan. 15, 1784.

Folio 13--ANDERSON, JOHN, dec'd. Honour Anderson, appointed Admx. Feb. 15, 1784.

Folio 13--LEMARS, SAMUEL, dec'd. Samuel Brazel appointed Admr. Feb. 15, 1784.

Folio 13--WATSTEN, or WATKIN, ..... dec'd. Mariam Watsens or Watstens appointed Admx. Feb. 20, 1784.

Folio 13--McNAB, ROBERT--dec'd. Mary McNab appointed Admx. Feb. 20, 1784.

Folio 13--LINECEAN, GIDEON, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 18, 1784. Wm. White, James Morgan, Rezan Bowie, appraisers.

Folio 14--FERENTON, JACOB, dec'd. Rebecca Ferenton widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Feb. 25, 1782.

Folio 15--FILLDER, WILLIAM, dec'd. "To Mary McDanel, widow." A true inventory Jan. 15, 1784. John Bug, John and James Nall appraisers.

Folio 15--MORGAN, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 10, 1784. Jonathan Ragan, John Fling, Walton Harris appraisers.

Folio 16--FERENTON, JACOB, dec'd. Inventory Apr. 26, 1783. Alex Scott, Daniel Burnett, Wm. Colbreth (?), appraisers.

Folio 16--CLOUD, JERRY, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 25, 1784. Bounty warrant, 200 acres on Broad river and Beaverdam creek. Wm. Johnson, Curtice Wilburn, Thos. Wilburn, appraisers.

Folio 11--WHEET, WILLIAM, dec'd., Patty Wheet, widow of said dec'd., appointed Admx. no date.

Folio 11--McDANEL, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Mar. 30, 1784. James Bowie, Oran Sinkfield, Solomon Barfield, appraisers.

Folio 9--BRUSTER, HENRY, dec'd. Levicy Bruster widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Jan. 13, 1783.

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Folio 10--Inventory. Wm. Chapman, Daniel Conner, John Cole, John Cone, appraisers.

Folio 11--To NATHAN BARNETT, planter, whereas John and Daniel Barnett both of this county lately died intestate. (all of this record).

Folio 11--KEELOUGH, EBENEZER, dec'd. John Keelough appointed Admr. June 10, 1784.

Folio 12--CANNADY, ANDREW. Inventory of estate Apr. 29, 1784. William Comb, John Wray, appraisers.

Folio 12--McCULLERS, DAVID, dec'd. Amy McCullers, widow appointed Admx. Oct. 31, 1782.

Folio 13--Inventory. Solo. Nusom, Thos. Ansley, James Thomas, Michael Burkhalter, appraisers.

Folio 15--HAMMETT, EDWARD, dec'd. Wm. Hammett appointed Admr. Nov. 1, 1782.

Folio 16--Inventory same date, Jonathan Ragans, John Autrey, Jacob Autrey, appraisers.

Folio 16--NAIL, JOSEPH, dec'd. Mary Nail, widow of dec'd. appointed Admx. Nov. 3, 1784.

Folio 17--FREEMAN, HOLMAN, Sr., late of this Co., dec'd. died intestate. To Holman Freeman, Jr. Merchant. (all of this record).

Folio 18--CHANY, BENJ. BURGESS, dec'd. Henry Cox, son-in-law to said dec'd. appointed Admr. Nov. 3, 1782.

Folio 19--Inventory same date. Wm. Downs, Silvanus Walker, Edward Hagans, appraisers.

Folio 19--BOWERS, JOBE, dec'd. Sale of property Apr. 19, 1784. Household effects. Signed "Charity Bowers, relict."

Folio 19--BARKSDALE, THOMAS, dec'd. Jeremiah Walker appointed Admr. Oct. 8, 1784.

Folio 20--STANLEY, GEORGE, dec'd. Inventory July 27, 1784. Household goods only. Jacob McLendon, Jacob Bobbet, Hugh Gilmore, appraisers.

Folio 21--WILLIAMS, CHARLES, dec'd. Susanna Williams widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Nov. 6, 1782.

Folio 22--Inventory same date, Geo. Dooly, Ralph Killgore, Geo. Bruer, Thos. Mitchell, appraisers. 200 acres on Graves branch and 336 acres on Savannah river, known as Colliers (?) Island. Signed by Julius Howard, James Little, Cutbert Hudson, appraisers.

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Folio 24--DUKE, HENRY (will) To son Charles, under age, 500 acres of land wherever he chooses, slave, etc. To dau. Mary Duke, cows, household goods, etc. when she is 17. To son Thomas a slave Ben "if he can be got" and 400 acres of land where he chooses, my brother Thos. Duke to exchange above slave. "Saddle and bridle to a dau. of Nancy Cups, supposed to be mine." "Honored father and mother to live with my children." Brothers Thomas and James Duke, and Stephen Heard, Excrs. Signed Apr. 4, 1780. Probated Nov. 14, 1782. Burel Smith, John Cobs, John Legett, Test.

Folio 26--SIZEMORE, WILLIAM, dec'd. Inventory May 1, 1784. One Bounty Certificate and household effects. Abner Legett, Wm. Duke. Zobar Duke, appraisers.

Folio 26--HARPER, JOSEPH, Appraisement of his certificate of minute service for 12. Oct. 8, 1784. Robert Killgore, Thos. Carson, John Peters, appraisers.

Folio 27--STANLEY, ADER, widow, letters of administration granted her May 20, 1784.

Folio 27--HAWKINS, JAMES, Capt. One Bounty Warrant appraised at 40., by Francis Gidons, James Ship and William Brady, July 6, 1784.

Folio 28--CAVE, or CARE (CARR?), ROBERT, dec'd. Leanah Cave or Care, widow appointed Admx. Nov. 22, 1782.

Folio 28--MARTAIN, BETTY, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 27, 1782. Household goods, cattle. Ambrose Downs, John Herinton, appraisers.

Folio 29--CAVE or CARE, ROBERT, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 28, 1782. Sanders Walker, Chas. Heard, William West, appraisers.

Folio 29--BUCKHALTER, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 8, 1784. Basil Lamar, William Jones, appraisers.

Folio 30--To MILLAY LINCOCEAN, widow, "Whereas Gideon Lincocean late of this Co. lately died." Dec. 19, 1783. B. Heard, R. P.

Folio 31--McCLANE, DANIEL, dec'd. of Wilkes Co. John Wilson of Richmond Co., planter, appointed Admr., Nov. 30, 1782. "Letters given up by consent of each party" B. Heard.

Folio 32--Inventory same date. Solo. Nusom, John Landrum, John Dunaway, Jonathan Bustsen, appraisers.

Folio 33--KILLGORE, RALPH, dec'd. Letters testamentary granted Stephen Heard, George Walton, and Elinor Killgore. Dec. 2, 1783.

Folio 33--SHERRELL, REUBEN, dec'd. David Sherrell appointed Admr. Dec. 9, 1784.

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Folio 34--CHANEY, GREENBERRY, dec'd. Henry Care appointed Admr. Dec. 4, 1782.

Folio 35--Inventory same date. William Downs, Edward Hagans, Sylvester Walker, appraisers. Henry Kear, Admr.

Folio 36--200 acres of land in this county, notes on Elijah and Jesse Pugh, Wm. Littleton, Jos. Brown. Wm. Downs, John Quern, Elisha Smallwood, appraisers.

Folio 37--SMITH, THOMAS, dec'd. Richard Curenton, creditor appointed Admr. Jan. 28, 1783.

Folio 36--Inventory same date. John Hill, Esqr., Robert Genkins, Stephen Bishop, James Bishop, appointed appraisers.

Folio 36--PEANEAS (?), JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 3, 1784. H. Morgan, Jacob Bankston, Loyd Kelly, appraisers.

Folio 40--McLANE, DANIEL, dec'd. Jos. May appointed Admr. Jan. 29, 1783.

Folio 40--COLLINS, PETER, dec'd. Camble (?) and Margaret Kennady appointed Admrs. Nov. 12, 1784.

Folio 41--Inventory same date. Solo. Nusom, John Landrum, Jonathan Bussen, John Dunaway, appraisers.

Folio 42--PICKENS, ELIZABETH, of 96 Dist. S. C., to George Walton for 20. a slave Sambo, according to a former agreement. Aug. 28, 1782. John Cowen, Test.

Folio 43--OZBURN, GEORGE, dec'd. Daniel and Susannah Coleman, appointed Admrs. Feb. 28, 1783.

Folio 44--Same date. Micajah Williamson, George Lumcans, Jonathan Ragans, George Bagby, appointed appraisers.

Folio 45--Letters of administration granted Mar. 26, 1784 to Priscilla Genens, wid., Susanna Walth (?) wid., Elizabeth Lawson, wid., Mary Sizemore, wid.

Folio 46--MAN..... late dec'd. (does not say of this Co.) Milly Man, widow appointed Admr. Feb. 28, 1783.

Folio 47--Same date. Micajah Williamson, George Lumkens, George Bagby, Jonathan Rigans, appointed appraisers.

Folio 47--LITTLE, THOMAS, dec'd. Mary Little, widow appointed Admx. Oct. 6, 1784.

Folio 48--SAFFOLD, REUBEN, note for $100.00 to prove that a slave Nero in possession of Col. Gresham is his, Feb. 3, 1781. Signed John

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Graham. Sworn to before Zachariah Lamar, Mar. 6, 1784, negro recovered.

Folio 49--CHANEY, BENJ. BURGESS, late of Wilkes Co., part of estate appraised in S. C., by Thomas Hagan, James and John Harris, Feb. 29, 1783.

Folio 49--CONNER, JOHN, power of attorney to Edward Hagen of Wilkes Co. to sell 300 acres land in Richmond Co., and to receive the years rent for same. Sept. 28, 1781. Reg. Mar. 17, 1783. William Daniel, Test.

Folio 50--PACE, KNOWEL, (will) of Wilkes Co., Province of Ga. Slave Queen to be free, but to remain in the protection of Henry Ware, Sr., Esqr. To Leroy, son of Barnabas Pace, residue of estate to be in the hands of Barnabas till Leroy is 21. Barnabas Pace and Henry Ware, Sr., Excrs. Signed July 19, 1776. Probated Mar. 4, 1783. Edward Bond (?), Wm. Buckner Jenkins, Nicoles Ware, Test.

Folio 52--Mar. 4, 1783. Nicolis Ware, Isaac Pery, Shadrack Mims, Bazil Lamar, appointed appraisers.

Folio 54--BROOKS, JOHN, (will). To dau. Rosannah a slave Dinah. To dau. Sarah horse etc. To dau. Elizabeth, horse etc. To son Joel the 200 acres where I now live, stock etc. To sons Job and Providence 300 acres of land jointly, stock, etc. To dau. Dafner (?) cow etc. To sons Stephen and Roger cows etc, residue to wife Lydia to educate and cloathe the children, household furniture to dau. Ann at wife's death. Wife Lydia and friend William Downs, Excrs. Signed Feb. 3, 1780. Probated Sept. 8, 1782. Stephen Hogg, William Phillips, Test.

Folio 57--John Burney, Jacob Hogue, Wm. Bones, Absolom Beddle, Esqr. appointed appraisers. Mar. 15, 1783.

Folio 59--MAN, JOSIAH (will). To wife Millay half of land and all personal estate. Signed Mar. 7, 1783. Micajah Williamson, Thos. Owens, Test.

Folio 59--MORGAN, LUKE JOHN, (will) To wife Mary all estate for life to rear the children, she to be sole Excr. Signed June 13, 1781. Sanders Walker, Wm. Allison, Elizabeth Shannon, Hanson Brady, Test.

Folio 60--MAN, JOSIAH, dec'd. probate of will Mar. 17, 1783.

Folio 60--WILDER, WILLIAM, dec'd. will probated Apr. 19, 1784.

Folio 63--MORGAN, LUKE, dec'd. probate of will Mar. 17, 1783.

Folio No. gone. Hymn written out by James Stallings Oct. 3, 1777. (not original).

Folio No. gone. PALMORE, JOHN of Wilkes Co. to John Heard, also of Wilkes Co., all my bounty land for minute service and that I was to

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have as a refugee, and soldier at siege of Augusta, the said John Heard paying the expenses. Nov. 17, 1782--(torn) Hill, Test.

Folio No. gone. List of persons to whom salt was given or sold: Stephen Heard, John Heard, Barnard Heard, Susanna Catlett, Hugh Gilmore, ..... Brady, Geo. Gilmore, ..... Roberson, Thos. Walton, John Holmes, Alex. Autrey, Edmond Beard, Mark Littleton, John Lindsay, John Keeton, Jonathan Sharp, Geo. Heard, John Gilmer, Richard Hamlin. No date.