The following items have been extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
NOTE: "End of Page" notations refer to the page numbers of the original (1933) Mrs. Davidson book. Page numbers beside a person's name refer to the page from the primary source, such as a will or deed book.

[WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA] Book of Mixed Records, Wills, Administrations and Deeds--1777-1778

Not Indexed--Barnard Heard, Reg. of Probate

Folio 1--PACE, DREDZEL, of St. Paul's Parish, Province of Georgia sells to Dredzel Pace, Jr., son of Chas. Pace, "four head of Hors Creatures" for L5. Sept. 7, 1770. Reg. Dec. 11, 1777. James Germany, Thos. Chadwick, Test. Sworn to in Richmond Co., 1777 by Thos. Chadwick.

Folio 3--WOODLE (WOODALL), GARSHAM, dec'd. Wm. Downs, Esqr. creditor appointed administrator. Dec. 2, 1783.

Folio 4--RICHARDSON, THOS., "of the Ceeded Lands of Ga." To wife Barbary slaves Hannah, Jack and Harry. All other estate to her in fee simple. Wife Barbary and Jacob McClendon, Sr. "of the Ceeded Lands," Excrs. Signed Aug. 31, 1775. Probated Sept. 15, 1777.

Folio 4--GERIT (JARRETT), DEVERAUX--dec'd. Letters testamentary granted to the executors of last will and testament Jan. 10, 1784. "Letters Testamentary granted Millay."

Folio 7--RICHARDSON, THOS. Inventory Sept. 22, 1777. Certified by Nicholas Smith. Jacob McClendon, Jr., Jos. Collins, Benj. Perkins, Appraisers.

Folio 8--AYCOCK, JAMES. (Will) "of Chatham Dist. in the Ceeded Lands Province of Ga." Beloved wife to enjoy for widowhood the manor plantation of 200 acres, a slave Henise, a feather bed, three cows and calves and a horse named Derby which I bought from Job Hinton. To daughter Agnes Grace or Groce a slave, Silva. To eldest son William the manor plantation at wife's death. To son Richard Aycock 200 acres adjoining manor plantation. All estate not to be disposed of till oldest son William reaches majority. Other sons Richard, James, John and Sherod Aycock. Thos. Wooten, Hardy Sanders and Barnabas Pace, Excrs. Drury Pace, Noel Killingsworth, (torn) Pratt, Test. Signed Aug. 6, 1776. Georgia Secretary's Office, A true copy taken July 15, 1777. James Whitfield, Secty.

Folio 9--McCULLARS, CHAS., late of this county, dec'd. Letters of administration granted to Malicaiah and Rachel Wilder. Dec. 2, 1783 by Barnard Heard, R. P.

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Folio 10--AYCOCK, JAMES, dec'd. Zachariah Lamar, Richard Woods and Thos. Stroud appointed appraisers of his goods, as shall be shown by Sely Aycock and Barnabas Pace, Admrs. Dec. 10, 1777. Barnard Heard R. P.

Folio 10--BURLESON, AARON. dec'd. Aaron Singerfeed, John Kelly and Chas. Starns appointed appraisers of the estate. Mar. 15, 1784. B. Heard, R. P.

Folio 11--AYCOCK, JAMES, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 4, 1778. Debtors to estate, Wm. Spurlock, Thos. Wootten, Isham Saffold, Daniel Wallecon, John Bradford, to Wm. Aycock, Dr., about the year 1745, to one horse lent in Va." "To paying Major McClan for what I was your Sec." Mr. Henry Pope to Wm. Aycock about 1757 for a mare in Va., about 1749 to bed and furniture, about 1757 for cow, Mishal Morel, Dr. for corn and cash to Richard Aycock.

Folio 12--HAMMOCK, HUGH late of this county, dec'd, whereas he died intestate, grant letters of administration to ..... Hammock. No date or signature.

Folio 13--MILLS, ALEX. (will) To wife Alias, L8 Ga. money. To daughter Agnes Tompson, daughter Elizabeth Ayer, son Gilbert, son Alex., son John, dau. Jane Mills, dau. Margaret Baker, one shilling each. All personal estate to be equally divided between son William. dau. Abigail, son James, dau. Sarah Mills, son Absolom, son Jesse and son David Alexander Mills. Wife Alias and Wm. Gent, Excrs. Signed Sept. 26, 1777. Probated Nov. 1, 1777. Wm. Cane, George Tureman, Drury Thompson Test.

Folio 14--GRIFFIN, JOHN, dec'd. Inventory Feb. 7, 1784. Edward Nugent, Nathaniel Cotes, Wm. West, Appraisers.

Folio 15--MILLS, ALEX, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 23, 1778. Geo. Tureman, Wm. Woods. Robt. Guthrie, Appraisers.

Folio 16--COLSON, JACOB (will) All estate "rale" and personal to be divided between my son Abram and my dau. Nancy, lawful heirs by my beloved wives Sarah and Milby Colson, except $500.00 etc to Milby the day of her marriage, she to be provided for during widowhood. "Two children to be thoroughly educated in the English tongue." Trusty friends Geo. Tureman, Evan Ragland and John Coleman, Esqr., Excrs. Signed Nov. 5, 1777. Probated Feb. 5, 1778. John Cox Gideon Davis, Wm. McKeen, Test.

Folio 18--Thomas Carter, Thomas Stroud and Julius Howard appointed appraisers, Feb. 16, 1778.

Folio 19--List of debtors: Zach. Golsby, Zachariah Lamar, Samuel Naylor, John Pickens, John Burgemy, James Cone, Thomas Davis, Edward Keating, Gabriel Pickens, Thos. Patten, Thomas Ross, Rev. Lawrence,

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John Hatcher, Henry Mariden (?) Moses Trimble, Elijah Clarke, John Coleman. Credits to Jos. Pannell, James Gordon, Robert Lea.

Folio 20--JONES, THOMAS (will) To eldest dau. Mary, headrights for 100 acres and 70 shillings. To son Samuel 20 shillings. To dau. Sarah a new weaving loom, spinning wheel and five bushels corn. To grandson James Welch one speckled cow. To son William 20 shillings. To dau. Elinor one black horse, maddock etc. To son John 20 shillings. To son Thomas 20 shillings and carpenters tools and all my wearing clothes. To dau. Nancy 89 head of cattle, 200 acres of land, a big wheel, a little wheel, a mare, side saddle, all household effects money and notes. James Graves and Nancy Jones, Excrs. No date of signing. Probated Feb. 5, 1778. Hugh Gilliland, John Nall, Test. Probate records calls him "Thomas Jones, chearmaker."

Folio 22--Thomas Gilliland, Hugh Gilliland and John Winters appointed appraisers.

Folio 23--RICHARDSON BARBARY--Bill of sale of slaves, Hannah, Jack, Harry, Child and Nom, to Amos Brasher. Jan. 31, 1778. David Burks, Henry Williams, Arthur Smith, Test.

Folio 24--ANGLIN, JAMES (will) To sons John and David L5 each. To sons William and Henry the land and improvements where I live. To dau. Catherine Anglin all household goods. Sons John and David, Excrs. Signed Aug. 1, 1777. Probated Apr. 17, 1778. David Sidell or Sidwell, David Anglin, Abs. Bedell, Test.

Folio 26--Abs. Bedell, Benjamin Thomson, David Sidwell appointed appraisers, April 11, 1778.

Folio 27--Inventory, no date.

Folio 28--DUNN, JOSIAH, dec'd. of Wilkes Co. Barnard Heard R. P. of Wilkes Co. grants letters of administration to Nehemiah Dunn of Richmond Co. July 1, 1783.

Folio 29--William Downs, Esqr., Absolom Bedell, Esqr., Henry Keas, Zach Phillips, appointed appraisers July 1, 1783. Amount of part of estate appraised by us Aug. 26, 1784. Henry Karr, Isaac Steward, Nathaniel Crismas, appraisers Reg. Apr. 2, 1785. Holman Freeman R. P.

Folio 30--STROUD, THOMAS, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 10, 1783. Julius Howard, James Little, appraisers. Barnard Heard, R. P.

Folio 31--GRIFFIN, JOHN, dec'd. Elizabeth Griffin widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. (no date or signature).

Folio 32--PATTON, JACOB, dec'd. Jane Patton, widow, appointed Admx. Sept. 9, 1783. B. Heard, R. P.

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Folio 33--TILLET, SAMUEL, dec'd. John Johnson appointed Admr. Aug. 23, 1783. B. Heard, R. P.

Folio 34--STROUD THOMAS, dec'd. Sarah Stroud, widow, appointed Admx. Sept. 1, 1783. B. Heard, R. P.

Folio 35--TOBBERT, JOHN, dec'd. Elizabeth Tobbert, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. No date.

Folio 36--BOWEN, JOBE, dec'd. Inventory Oct. 1st. 1783. Edward McGary, Thomas Gray, Nat Beddingfield, appraisers.

Folio 36--WATERS, MATTHEW, dec'd. List of debtors to estate, Sherwood Wise, Joshua Lea, Thos. Stroud, Richd. Tiner, Wm. Sidwell, Randle Griffen. Oct. 11, 1783. Nat Bedingfield Admr.

Folio 37--HAWKINS, JAMES, dec'd. Nicholas Hawkins appointed Admr. Sept. 9, 1783. B. Heard, R. P.

Folio 38--PACE, DREADZIL, Indian Trader, Silas Pace appointed Admr. Sept. 15, 1777. Barnard Heard, R. P.

Folio 39--Sept. 15, 1777. Joshua Bradley, Esqr., Daniel Burnett, John Pendall, Thos. Hafford, Isaac O'Daniel, appointed appraisers.

Folio 40--Inventory shows receipt of Zachariah Lamar for pay for slaves Rose and Jean, Apr. 1, 1774.

Folio 41--DOOLY JOHN vs. Thomas Lee on a caveat, heard twice before Governor and Council. Thomas Lee swears in Council that John Dooly still keeps possession of said land, and refuses to give it up. Nov. 3, 1778, Samuel Stirk, J. E. C. Justice of Wilkes Co. Court ordered to put Thomas Lee in possession of his land. "The alarm of the Indians being so dreadful at this time, I do appoint Barnard Heard, Esqr. in my room to execute this order." Dec. 17, 1778. William Downs.

Folio 42--It is reported a negro boy in Chas. Wingfield's possession named Fill etc. Nov. 3, 1779. We have agreed that the negro be divided into six parts, each part worth 100 sterling in Continental money. Daniel Gunnels, Foreman. Reg. Apr. 25, 1780 Barnard Heard, R. P.

Letters of administration granted William Cunningham, planter, Caveator of Giles Tillot, Jr. on said estate Mar. 1784.

William and Elizabeth Golson appointed Admrs. on estate of Joseph More, dec'd.

Folio 43--Marks and Brands registered 1777.
John Heard, John Burgemy, James Gray, Jacob Smith, Moses Perkins, Mark Whitaker, Benj. Perkins, Silas Pace, Holland Middleton, Stephen Heard, Barnard Heard, Chas. Heard, James Germany, Michael Cupp, Zachariah Lamar, Barny Pace, Jeremiah Lemar's four children, James Graves.

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Folio 45--Richard Austin, Austin's children, Daniel Murphree John Bynum, Joshua Bradley, Esqr., Evan Ragland, Jacob McClendon, Richard Hamlen, Thomas Stewart, Isaac McClendon, John Heard, Jr., William Chilipses (Childres?), Benj. Moslay. 1778, George Heard, Thomas Johnson, Philip Nowland, George Duglas, Thomas Coleman, Richard Ryan, James Hogg Henry Ware, Daniel Wootone, Sarah Edwards, Chas. Bedingfield. 1779, Jacob McClendon.

Folio 47--GILLILAND, THOMAS, Sr., To grandson Thos. Winters, son of John and Mary Winters, on the line of his grandfather Gilliland, forever, a slave Marrceah, four years old. Deed of gift. June 26, 1778. James Golowier, James Stewart, Test.

Folio 48--PACE, DREDZEL, minor child of Chas. Pace of Richmond Co., dec'd. asks that Barnabas Pace of Wilkes Co., be appointed his guardian. July 21, 1778.

Folio 49--BROWTEN, JESSE, dec'd. Mary Browten, widow of dec'd., appointed Admx. Aug. 17, 1778.

Folio 50--Aug. 17, 1778. Newdygate Ousley, Henry Williams, Robert Kilgore, appointed appraisers.

Folio 51--Williby Brawton, father of said dec'd appointed Admr. Dec. 12, 1778.

Folio 52--Henry Williams, Thos. Conel & Co., Francis Gidans, appointed appraisers. Dec. 13, 1778.

Folio 53--STEWART, ROBERT, dec'd., John Simmons appointed Admr. Sept. 9, 1783.

Folio 54--INGLISH, ..... dec'd., Elizabeth Inglish appointed Admx. 1778.

Folio 55--MOSALY, WILLIAM, dec'd. James Vann appointed Admr. No date.

Folio 56--AUTRY, SIMON dec'd. Thomas Bankston appointed Admr. Sept. 20, 1783.

Folio 57--ONEAL (ONEIL), ELIZABETH, to dau. Honor Chew, both of Wilkes Co., all goods and chattels now in my possession, cattle, horses, etc. Mar. 13, 1779. David Burks, John Cox, Test.

Folio 58--COLEMAN, JOHN (will) To wife Susanna all personal estate till the children are of age. To son James 500 acres on Savannah river adjoining widow Colson, and certain slaves. To son John, mill and tract of land where Henry Wideman is now settled, and all land on Broad river, slaves etc. To son Thomas the land whereon I now live and slaves. To daus. Susannah, Charlotte and Elizabeth certain slaves. Each child to have household effects as they come of age. Wife Susanna, trusty friends Thos. Waters, Thos. Carter Thos. Rose, Excrs. Thos.

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Waters to be acting Excr. Signed Oct. 22, 1778. John Giles, Evan Ragland, John Westbrook, Wm. Puloam (Pulliam?), Test.

Folio 60--Apr. 21, 1779. Geo. Tureman, Henry Wideman, Evan Ragland, John Giles, James Easter, Drury Cade, appointed appraisers.

Folio 61--Inventory, no date.

Folio 62--BURGAMY, WILLIAM, dec'd., John Burgamy appointed Admr. June 18, 1779.

Folio 63--June 18, 1779, Thos. Gilliland, Abraham Booth, Thos. Dowell, James Emett, Hugh Gilliland appointed appraisers.

Folio 64--Inventory no date.

Folio 65--HINTON, DEMSY, (Will) To wife Mary all estate for raising the children. When dau. Faithy is 16 estate to be appraised by two honest men, and as the children arrive at that age, to receive their part, my son John next, son James next, and children in esse next. The land we now live on, on Chickasaw creek to wife for life. Wife Mary, Chas. Bedingfield and Richard Aycock, Excrs. Signed May 19, 1779. Probated Aug. 28, 1779. Wm. Bayley, Matthew More, Jeremiah Cloud, Jr., Test.

Folio 68--Inventory. Daniel Gunnels, Wm. Bailey, Geo. Bosler, appraisers.

Folio 69--WILSON ..... dec'd. Henry Hustice and Mary Wilson, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admrs. Later in this document William Downs and the widow Mary Wilson are called admrs. No date or signature.

Folio 70--Dec. 16, 1779, Wm. Butler, Henry Bruster, Gannaway Martain, and Gideon Anderson appointed appraisers of Hugh Wilson's estate, William Downs and ..... Wilson, Admrs.

Folio 71--SMITH, NICHOLAS, dec'd. Arthur Smith, planter, appointed Admr. Oct. 3, 1783.

Folio 72--WEBB, RICHARD, dec'd. Matthew More appointed Admr. Dec. 25, 1779.

Folio 73--HOLMAN, DAVID, dec'd. Drury Rogers, planter, appointed Admr. No date.

Folio 74--Inventory of estate of Richard Webb, Mar. 3, 1780. Purchasers, Geo. Barber, John Clark, Jerry Cloud, Daniel Butler, David Thirman, James Smith, Mistress Webb, Capt. Nail, Ford Butler, Thos. Johnson, Wm. Barnett.

Folio 75--PAIN, SAMUEL, of the Province of Ga., and St. Pauls Parish, to John Gray, infant son of James Gray, Trader, seven head of cattle, deed of gift. June 21, 1775--July 30, 1779. Thos. Chadwick, Edmd. Cartledge, Test.

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Folio 76-78--HINTON, D. Sale of estate, Nov. 19, 1779. Purchasers Wm. Bailey, Thos. Joyner, Spencer Crane, Geo. Barber, Elijah Clarke, Job Hinton, Chas. Bedingfield, Thos. Conel, Holman Freeman, Jr., John Seers, Drury Cade, Geo. Tillett, Henry Dukes, Hardy Newsom, Richard Austin, Henry Williams, Mark Phillips, Peter Edwards, Richard Aycock, Thos. Wilborn, Sampson Brasell, John Stewart, David Thirman, John Burks, Gibson Clark, William Wilder, Julius Howard, Hardy Hinton, John Freeman, James Freeman, John Glass, Jr.

Folio 80--Agreeable to an act passed by the Legislature at Savannah, Mar. 1, 1778, William Downs, Benj. Catchings and Absolom Bedell, Esqrs., Judges of Wilkes Co., met at the Court House Mar. 11, 1780, to hear evidence as to the will of Jacob Coleson, dec'd. It appears to us that the widow of the dec'd. Milley Colson was in Augusta and was not notified. Barnard Heard swears she was not present and that he believed it was from a desire to keep Milly from her just rights. The Court rules that Milley shall have one-third of the estate, that the executors be served with such notice.

Folio 82--DUNNIFEN or DUNNISEN, DANIEL, dec'd. Darby Dunnifen appointed Admr. May 17, 1778.

Folio 83--Inventory, May 10, 1780. Chas. Williams, Benj. Moslay, James Garnett, Chas. Parks, Sr., James Van, James York, appointed appraisers.

Folio 84--RIALS, JOSHUA, dec'd. George Bagby appointed administrator Sept. 18, 1783.

Folio 85--SMITH, BENJAMIN, dec'd. Wm. Smith appointed Admr. Sept. 18, 1783.

Folio 86--WILKINS, JOHN, dec'd. Micajah Williamson appointed Admr. Sept. 18, 1783.

Folio 87--BRAWTON, JESSE, Returns of estate, Sale Mar. 23, 1780. Purchasers, John Leggett, Henry Dukes, John Kimbro, William Baldwin, Mordecai Baldwin, John Holeman. Mentions "cash in N. C."

Folio 88--FIDLER, WILLIAM, dec'd. Benjamin Allen appointed Admr. 1783.

Folio 89--CLOUD, JERRY, dec'd. William and Susannah Hammett appointed Admrs. Nov. 4, 1783.

Folio 90--CLOUD, JEREMIAH, dec'd. Sarah Cloud, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Dec. 2, 1783.

Folio 91--SAMMONS, LEWIS, dec'd. Sarah Sammons widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Oct. 24, 1781.

Folio 92--Briant Ward, Bazil Lamar, Benj. Hart, Zachariah Lamar, Esqr., appointed appraisers.

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Folio 99--THOMAS, ABSOLOM, of Parish of St. George, Province of Ga., to Sabra Perkins of St. Paul's Parish, Province of Ga., a slave Dick for 35. Jan. 3, 1781. Joshua Lee, Test.

Folio 95--PAYN, DANIEL, dec'd. Samuel Payn, brother of said dec'd, appointed Admr. Dec. 26, 1781.
Letters dismissory granted Apr. 6, 1787 Book "DD" Folio 93.

Folio 96--BONER (BONNER) WILLIAM, dec'd. Ruth Boner, widow appointed Admx. Nov. 4, 1783.

Folio 97--PAYNE, DANIEL, dec'd. Inventory Jan. 18, 1782. Isaac Perry, William Ayers, Nicholas Ware, appraisers.

Folio 97--CAR, ROBERT, estate. Inventory Oct. 22, 1783. Sanders Walker, Chas. C. Heard, William West, appraisers.

Folio 98--GARNETT, JOHN, dec'd. Zachariah Lamar appointed Admr. Feb. 26, 1782.

Folio 99--KILLGORE, RALPH (will) To wife Alender, part of the manor plantation on the Savannah river at the mouth of Mill creek. All slaves to her for her support and the education of son John Killgore. Land on Little river in Richmond Co., to be sold, money to be used by wife till son Ralph comes of age. Certain property of Wm. Delaney dec'd. of which estate he is Admr. to be sold, and after debts are paid, one-third to be given to Mary Delaney, now Mary Allison, the rest amongst Delaney's three children. To dau. Mary Killgore, now Elison, one shilling. To dau. Elizabeth Killgore now Surtherland, one shilling. To dau. Catren or Caty Killgore a horse, sidesaddle and bridle. To son Robert one shilling. "If either of my daughters or Robert Killgore reform and become obedient to their mother Alender, she can give them such property as she sees fit." Col Stephen Heard, Geo. Walton and wife Alender, Excrs. Signed June 9, 1783. Geo Walton, Elizabeth Loyson, Jakin Loyson, Test

Folio 101--DOOLY, JOHN, planter, dec'd. Dianah Dooly, widow appointed Admx. Apr. 16, 1782, Folio 102--Henry Jones Daniel Burnett, Robt. Harper, Thos. Mitchell, Zachariah Lamar, appointed appraisers.

Folio 103--BURLEYSON, AARON, dec'd. Polly Burleyson, widow appointed Admx. Dec. 2, 1783.

Folio 104--WHEET, WILLIAM, dec'd. Polly Wheet, widow appointed Admx. April 16, 1782.

Folio 105--John Morgan, Thos. Gilliland, Daniel Burnett, Hezk. Bailey appraisers.

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Folio 107--BURGAMY, JOHN, dec'd. Elizabeth Burgamy, widow Admx. Apr. 16, 1782.

Folio 108--Wm. Pulliam, Stephen Heard, Z. Lamar, appointed appraisers Apr. 16, 1782. Barnard Heard accountable to the orphans for their equal share of estate. Mary Burgamy, dau. of John, one gray mare, cow and yearling.

Folio 110--McCONNAY, (McCENAY) JOHN, dec'd. Ruth McConnay, widow of said dec'd., appointed Admx. Oct. 11, 1782.

Folio 111-- Ralph Killgore, James Roquemore, Robert Taylor appointed appraisers.

Folio 112--Inventory, name spelled "Mackenay".

Folio 113--MARTAIN, GEORGE, dec'd. Elizabeth Martain, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Oct. 14, 1782.

Folio 115--DOSTER, WILLIAM, dec'd. Micajah Williamson, Esqr. appointed Admr. Oct. 25, 1783.

Folio 116--DUNNIFIN, DARBY, dec'd. Elizabeth Dunnifin, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Oct. 15, 1782.

Folio 117--Benj. Moslay, Chas. Parkes, John Parkes, George Bruer, appointed appraisers.

Folio 118--CANTRELL, STEPHEN, dec'd. Geo. Lumpkin, carpenter, creditor of said dec'd. appointed Admr. Oct. 25, 1783.

Folio 119-- DULLANAY, WILLIAM, dec'd. Ralph Kilgore, creditor appointed Admr. Oct. 15 1782. Folio 120-- Archable Mahan, James Roqmore, Thos. Mitchell, Edward Beard, George Dooly appointed appraisers, Oct. 15, 1782.

Folio 121--HAMMOCK, HUGH, estate. Inventory and sale Oct. 15, 1783. Robert and Nancy Hammock, purchasers.

Folio 123--HOLLIMAN, DAVID, (will) To son David a slave Sam. To son Mark a slave James. To son Samuel slaves Orange and Judy. To To dau. Aley or Alcy Holliman a slave Winny. To son David 300 acres on Williams creek. To son Mark 200 acres. To son Samuel 350 acres. To wife a slave Cilvy and all household furniture. Absolom and Charity Holliman, Excrs. Signed Oct. 30, 1779. Probated July 9, 1783. Folio 125--Reuben Rogers, John Hill, appraisers.

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Folio 125--Property of John and Daniel Barnett appraised and sold to Nathan Barnett, Feb. 24, 1784, all land. John H. Johnston, John Barnett, Wm. Black, appraisers.

Folio 126--RIALS, THOMAS, dec'd. John Smith, planter of Richmond Co. appointed Admr. Oct. 20, 1783. (Somebody decided to number by page here).

Page 227--BOWERS, JOBE, dec'd. Charity Bowers, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. July 10, 1783.

Page 228--WATERS, MATTHEW, dec'd. Nathaniel Bedingfield, planter, appointed Admr. July 10, 1783.

Page 229--CAUDEL, RICHARD, dec'd. Hannah Caudel, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. July 14, 1783.