Biography of Dr. Alexander Nicholas Talley
Talley, Alexander Nicholas, Columbia, S. C., son of Rev. Nicholas Talley, of the M. E. church, was born at Washington, Wilkes co., Ga., Oct. 27th, 1827. Having been graduated B. A. from the S. C. coll., Columbia, he entered the Charleston med. coll., was graduated thence M. D. in March 1851 ; continued his professional studies during the ensuing year in the hospitals of New York and Paris, and in 1852 established himself in Columbia. He is a member of the Am. med. asso. ; member of its judicial council in 1874 ; of the S. C. med. soc., president in 1869 (elected at the first meeting after the war), and of the med. soc. of Columbia, president in 1874. Since 1867 he has been prof. of the practice of medicine in the univ. of S. C. In 1861 he was one of the authors of the "Confederate States Manual of Surgery," published by the government for the use of the medical staff of the army ; he has also contributed occasional papers and reports to the leading southern professional periodicals. In 1861 he was appointed a surg. in the Confederate States army ; was promoted to be med. director for South Carolina in the same year ; was ordered to Richmond in the following November, and was appointed, in the same month, president of the Confederate States army board of med. examiners. This important position he retained until the end of the war.

Atkinson, M.D., William B. (Ed.), Physicians and Surgeons of the United States, (Phildelphia, Charles Robson, 1878) p. 301

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