Biography of David Meriwether

MERIWETHER, David, representative, was born in Virginia in 1755. He joined the 14th Virginia regiment, Nov. 14, 1776, for service in the Revolutionary war. He was promoted 2d lieutenant, Dec. 28, 1777, served in New Jersey, and after Sept. 14, 1778, his regiment was designated as the 10th Virginia. He was promoted 1st lieutenant, May 7, 1779, and served in the siege of Savannah, where he was taken prisoner, Oct. 9, 1779. He was exchanged and was again taken prisoner at Charleston, S.C., May 12, 1780. On his release he was transferred to the 1st Virginia, Feb. 12, 1781, where he served till the close of the war. He settled in Wilkes county, Ga., in 1785, and represented that county in the Georgia legislature for several terms. He was elected a Democratic representative in the 7th congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Benjamin Taliaferro, Sept. 3, 1821, and was re-elected to the 8th and 9th congresses, serving 1802-07. President Jefferson appointed him a commissioner to treat with the Creek Indians in 1804, and he was a commissioner with Andrew Jackson and Gov. Joseph McMinn, of Kentucky, in the Cherokee treaty of 1817, whereby a large territory west of the Appalachee river was ceded to the United States. He died near Athens, Ga., Nov. 16. 1822.

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans, Volume X. Rossiter Johnson, ed., Boston: The Biographical Society, 1904.

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