Biography of John McGinty II

John McGinty II, b. ca. 1760, probably in PA, d. unknown, but after 1828. Name of wife unknown but based on having seven children by 1820, their marriage would have been before 1813. He was the brother of Rev. Robert McGinty, Baptist pioneer in GA. During the Revolutionary War, John was a member of Capt. Charles Polk's foot soldiers. He was the company's First Sergeant. The unit was organized in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and consisted of about forty men. They fought in several campaigns including Cross Creek and Brunswick.

Before leaving Mecklenburg Co., NC, we see his name in court minutes beginning in 1783, serving on juries. He was present at the 1785 estate sale of his father in NC, and purchased several items. After the war, John settled in Wilkes Co., GA, along with his older brother Robert and brother James who had received land grants there. In the substitute 1790 census of Wilkes Co., he is shown with property in what is now Taliaferro Co., near Sharon, GA. He had a family and is registered with them in 1785. His wife's name is unknown. He shows in the Wilkes Co., NC tax list in 1785, and again from 1809-1821. In 1805, he drew in the Wilkes Co. land lottery.

He had at least three sons, John A., James and Alexander and they show in the 1820 census. There is also a Nancy McGinty shown in the early 1800 Williams Creek Baptist Church records in Warren Co. She could have been his daughter. A Nancy also shows in the Wilkes Co. record (pg. 84) marrying John Rhodes, July 30, 1818. All of the sons show in the local tax records from 1819-1821. Alexander married Margaret Person, July 2, 1818, in Wilkes Co., GA (page 49) and then moved to AL and purchased land in Perry Co., as early as 1823. John shows in the 1820 census of Wilkes Co., GA (pg. 254/266) with three male and four female children along with four slaves. There is also a record in the Peugh (Pugh) family research files that show John II with four daughters and this is confirmed by the 1820 census. Olive "Ollie" is said to have married Asa Peugh. Martha is said to have married Benjamin Borders in Pike Co., in 1832. Catherine is said to have married Lewis Charles Borders in Pike Co., in 1828. Mary is said to have married William D. Pender in Pike Co., in 1844. The Peugh research must be confirmed. Son, John A. (b. 1778) shows as living in the 34th Battalion, Warren Co., GA in 1845, and died in that county, April 16, 1853, at age seventy-five. His epitaph in the Christian Index reads, "John A. McGinty, having been a member of the Baptist church sixty odd years. He died in the triumph of faith. Blessed are the dead which die unto the Lord." His wife, Jane died March 13, 1856, at about age sixty-five. Note: records show that he married Jincy Culverhouse. Jincy could be a nickname for Jane or she could be a second wife.

In 1799, we see John living in Wilkes Co., Capt. Patterson's District and listed as a "tax defaulter." In 1800, he purchased 220 acres of land on Steven's Creek. The 1801 tax digest shows him as having land in William Ogletree's District and in 1806, he is listed as drawing in the land lottery in Capt. Gunn's District. He had two draws in this lottery along with his brothers, Robert and James, and also Robert, Jr., and Thomas, sons of Robert. The land given here was known as the Ocmulgee Lands and was in Hancock Co., GA. We see John in the 1809 tax list, still on Stephen's Creek. In 1813, he shows in Hiram William's District with three slaves. This land was in Twiggs Co., GA, 28th District. In 1815, in Milledgeville, GA, 100 acres were taken away from him to satisfy a claim from James Thomas, administrator for the estate of William Ryan, deceased. We find John selling his land on Stephen's Creek to Archibald Gresham. In 1820, he is shown in the Wilkes Co. census, living in John Bryant's district on Hardin's Creek. He shows drawing in other land lotteries during this period. By 1827, he was living in Pike Co., GA, and had been there for at least three years because he was included in the 1827-28 "free land lottery" in Pike Co., and a three year residence in the county was required. He was eligible for this draw because of his Revolutionary War service. We do not know where the land that he drew was located or if he ever lived on it. He is still shown in the 1830 Pike Co. census. We do not know when he died. No Will has yet been found. The last record we have of John is a land lottery draw he made in Pike Co., GA, in 1832.

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