Biography of Ellen Psalmonds Lightner
Mrs. Ellen Psalmonds Lightner, the oldest resident of Chattahoochee Co. (1933) was born in Wilkes Co., Ga., March 7, 1845. Her parents, with their family moved to Chattahoochee Co. Jan. 1860. During the War between the States, Mrs. Psalmonds with the aid of her daughters made clothes for the soldiers. Their sons were not old enough to serve but when the call for older men came, Mr. Psalmonds joined the militia.

During their youth the members of this family were taught industry and frugality and Mrs. Lightner continues to practice the habit acquired in her girlhood. She has recently finished the eleventh quilt all of which have become gifts to as many children connected with her own or her husband's family.

Her nieces, nephews and stepchildren have delighted to honor her birthday and this year a committee from Kashita Chapter U. D. C. of which she is an honorary member presented a token of remembrance to its oldest member. For Mrs. Lightner is both the wife and daughter of Confederate veterans, her husband having been in Terrell's Light Artillery.

Her father and mother were consistent members of Harmony Baptist Church, and "Miss Ellen" has followed in their footsteps. She and her sister, Mrs. Margaret Ella Wilkinson, who died 1917, numbered their friends by their acquaintances, and Mrs. Lightner has continued to add to the friendships begun in earlier years, for she visits her nieces' and nephews' homes in various places and wherever she goes is accorded that love and respect called forth by her genuine friendliness.

Mrs. Lightner often speaks of her grandmother Walker, nee Linnie House, who came with her daughters (the other was Mrs. Dent) to this county. Accompanied by a grand-daughter, this old lady would walk several miles to visit Mrs. Rebecca Walker (later Mrs. Wm. Davis) who had also come from Wilkes Co. Ga.

The name, as well as memories of this remarkable grandmother have been retained in this family, Mrs. Linne Mae McRae, being a worthy bearer of the name today.

Mrs. Lightner's health and strength have made it possible for her to pursue the avocations of her life when she has almost reached fourscore and ten years. Her cheerful temperament and readiness in the performance of neighborly deeds have endeared her to friends and relatives throughout her long and useful life.

Her relatives consider it an honor and a pleasure to place this likeness of Mrs. Lightner in the history of Chattahoochee County where she has spent the greater portion of that life so rich in the number of friendships acquired through the years when love and wisdom have guided her contacts with a multitude of people.

N. K. Rogers, History of Chattahoochee County, Georgia, (Pub. Columbus, Georgia, Columbus Office Supply Co., 1933).

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