Biography of Junius Hillyer

HILLYER, Junius, representative, was born in Wilkes county, Ga., April 23, 1807; son of Shelet and Rebecca (Freeman) Hillyer. He was graduated at the University of Georgia in 1878 [Ed. note: This is an obvious typo. The correct year is most probably 1828.], and was admitted to the bar in the same year, practising at Athens, Ga. He was solicitor-general for the western district of the state, 1834-41; judge of the same circuit, 1841-45, and a representative in the 32d and 33d congresses, 1851-[p.261] 55. In 1857 he was appointed by President Buchanan, solicitor of the U.S. treasury, which office be resigned, Feb. 13, 1861, on the secession of Georgia from the union. He was a trustee of the University of Georgia, 1844-58. He was distinguished at the bar as a jury orator. He died in Decatur, Ga., June 21, 1886.

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans, Volume X. Rossiter Johnson, ed., Boston: The Biographical Society, 1904.

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