Biography of Dr. William Simpson Armstrong
Armstrong, William Simpson, Atlanta, Ga., was born in Wilkes co., Ga., Oct. 9th, 1838. He is a graduate of the med. dep't of the univ. of the city of New York, whence he graduated M. D., 1859. He settled first in Washington, Wilkes co., Ga., and after spedning four years in the Confederate States army, settled in Atlanta, Ga., in 1865, in general practice. He is a member of the med. asso. of the State of Ga. ; of the Atlanta acad. of med., was its president in 1874, and member of its board of censors since 1875 ; was elected prof. of anat. in Atlanta med. coll. in 1867, and resigned in 1870. He is the author of a paper on "Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis;" of "Œdema of the Penis and Scrotum," etc., contributed to medical journals. Was a private in the Confederate army from the spring of 1861 to the summer of 1862 ; subsequently ass't surg., and remained on the medical staff to the end of the war. In Nov. 1869, he married Myra B., daughter of Col. L. P. Grant, of Atlanta, Ga.

Atkinson, M.D., William B. (Ed.), Physicians and Surgeons of the United States, (Phildelphia, Charles Robson, 1878) p. 353

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