The Family Record of Robert Walker
"Family Record of Robert Walker, son of John & Martha (Smith) Walker Copied from the Family Bible of Mrs. Rosa Walker Mayne, of Athens, Georgia, 2 November 1953. (The BIBLE is now in the possession of Miss Harriett Lowe of Columbia, SC, Granddaughter of Mrs. Rosa Mayne.

Robert Walker, son of John and Martha Smith Walker, of Wilkes County, Georgia, was born Oct. 10, 1807, at Danburg, Wilkes County, Georgia. Died April 4, 1882 at Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia.
Married February 18, 1828, Henry County, Georgia, Elizabeth West Cain, daughter of James and Elizabeth West Cain. She was born June 1811, in Alabama and died August 6, 1868, at Griffin, Georgia

Their Children -

John C. Walker born Nov 19, 1828, died Feb 12, 1829
John T. Walker born Jan 31, 1830, married Mary E. Brower
William West Walker born Nov 6, 1831, died Aug 18, 1855, Jefferson, Texas
James R. Walker born Oct 9, 1833, died Mar 12, 1886, mar. Harriet E. Brower
Amanda E. Walker born Sept 10, 1835, died July 20, 1837
Martha E. Walker born Aug 26, 1837, married Augustus Phinazee
George T. Walker born March 18, 1839, died Aug 6, 1841
Milton A. Walker born Nov 17, 1840
Louise T. Walker born June 26, 1842, died Oct 21, 1843
Richard B. Walker born Feb 14, 1844, died Nov 15, 1860
Andrew Jackson Walker born Sept 28, 1845, died Dec 26, 1901
Thomas Jefferson Walker born Sept 28, 1845, died Dec 28, 1902
Lavonia S. Walker born Nov 3, 1847
Charles H. Walker born Nov 8, 1849
Wilbur F. Walker born Nov 8, 1849
Eudorus Branner Walker born Sept 12, 1851
Alice E. Walker born Oct 6, 1852, died Feb 1, 1854
William Francis Walker born Aug 15, 1856, died Dec 7, 1932, Corpus Christi, Texas

The above is a true and accurate copy of the record from the Family Bible of Robert Walker s/ Penelope J. Allen

Subscribed and sworn to and before me at Chattanooga, Tennessee, this 18th day of Jan. A.D. 1957

s/ Dorothy Strout Notary Public"

» Submitted by: Barbara Walker Winge «

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