The Bible Record of Thomas and Mary Leverett


Thomas Leveritt was Born the 12th Day of may 1755
Marian Leveritt was Born the 25th of march 1772
John Leveritt was Born February 22d
Ann Leveritt was Born the [Illegible] January
Jeremiah Leveritt was Born December the 22d 1791
Catharine Griffin Leveritt was Born July the 26th 1793
Maria Leveritt was Born May the 12th 1795
Thomas Leveritt was Born may the 11th 1797
Gideon Leveritt was Born July the 14th 1799
Myrtilla Leveritt was Born march the [Illegible] 1803
Almedia Leveritt was Born January the 22 1806
Milita Leveritt was Born may the 12th 1808
Abraham Leveritt was Born March the 18 1811


Ann Leveritt was married August 28th 1805
Mariah Leveritt was married March the 15th 1814
Jeramiah Leveritt was married July the 20th 1815
Catharine G Leveritt was married December the 7th 1815
Gideon Leveritt was married January 13 1819
Matilla Leverett was Married February 19 the 1819
Almeda Leverett was married Jan 1 1822
Green W Carlisle & Mary E. Leveritt was married on Thursday Evening the 18th of July 1832. Six miles south west of LaGrange
Abraham Leverett & Emily R Dozier was married on thursday evening the 9 of October AD 1834 eight miles west from Lagrange By the Rev Gideon Leverett

Additional Comments:

The original Bible pages were torn out and sent in by Mary Leverett in order to receive her Revolutionary War widow's pension and may be found on NARA microfilm M805, Roll 524. Thomas & Mary were from Wilkes Co, GA, and later moved to Putnam then Troup Co, where he died. She died in Chambers Co, AL

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