The Bible of Joseph Roger Brooke and Sarah Perry
When Tressie Holladay Caulk died at Pascagoula, Mississippi, in 1989, one of the items found in her personal trunk was a photocopy of the Joseph R. Brooke-Sarah Perry Brooke Family Bible. The ownership and location of the original Bible is unknown; however, the record is believed to be authentic and many parts of the record can be verified from independent sources. The copyright date and publisher of the Bible are unknown since the title page is missing. Most of the entries appear to have been recorded at one sitting, and it would also appear that Sarah Perry Brooke was the keeper of the record. Her own death date is not recorded, but is believed to have been after 1863 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. This Brooke family lived at different times in Jasper, Wilkes, and Taliaferro Counties of Georgia. Joseph and Sarah Brooke relocated to Lauderdale County, Mississippi abt. 1840.

This information was supplied by Dr. Harold Graham.

The names of the children of Joseph Roger Brooke and Sarah Perry, appear in the Family Bible were (according to order listed)

Page 1--Births

James R. Brooke, born 31 October 1807
John F. Brooke, born 15 September 1809
Walter W. Brooke, born 24 August 1811
Mary A. E. Brooke, born 5 October 1813
William T. Brooke, born 7 January 1815
Teresa T. Brooke, born 11 November 1821
Nancy E. Brooke, born 26 October 1817
Ignatius R. Brooke, born 4 October 1819
Catharine J. Brooke, born 19 October 1823
Josiah P. Brooke, born 31 October 1825
Catharine J. Brooke, born 15 September 1831
Sophia S. Brooke, born 13 December 1827

Note* Catherine Brooke born 1823 died in 1827 and the name was used for another daughter born in 1831.

The following is from the Sacramental Records of The Church of the Purfication of the Blessed Virgin Mary located in Wilkes Co., now Taliaferro Co., GA

"Catherine Brooke, daughter of Joseph and Sera Brooke, aged four years. Baptized Sunday, December 9, 1827 by Rev. N. Byrne."

"1827 December 15th I performed the ceremony of interment over the body of Catherine Brooke, aged 4 years N. Byrne"

Page 2--Births

Nancy Perry was born ___ th April 1791 (illegible)
James W. Ellington was born 27 April 1816
Sarah A. E. Ellington was born 27 April 1816
Nancy A. Ellington was born 23rd Nov 1820
Nancy P. Ellington was born 12th July 1828

Page 3--Marriages

Joseph Brooke and Sarah Perry were married 21st of December 1806
Josiah P. Brooke and Martha A. C. Gray married 20th Aug 1857

Page 4--Deaths

Elizabeth Perry departed this life July 27 1818
Walter Perry departed this life March 23 1822
Sarah A. E. Ellington departed this life July 18th 1822
James W. Ellington departed this life Septr. 4th 1822
Walter Perry Junr departed this life August 23rd 1823
Elizabeth Ellington departed this life 22 August _____ (illegible)
Nancy A. Ellington dep ___(illegible) this life 26th August _____ (illegible)
Joseph Brooke departed this life 26th August 1856 at 2 o'clock P.M.
James Perry departed this life 29 Nov 1823
Oliver H. Perry Ellington departed this life 24 April 1826
Nancy F. Ellington departed this life July 18th 1828

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