The Death of Lester E. Cantrell - part 2

Stabbing Death Inquest Slated

    An inquest will be held at 3 p. m. Wednesday in the courtroom of the Anderson County Courthouse into the death of Lester E. Cantrell, 44, of 429 Horseshoe Bend. Coroner Tom Tolly set the inquest today.
    Austin Dacus Vinson, 38, of Rt. 5, Seneca, who alleges he stabbed Cantrell, is being held in Anderson County Jail. No warrant has been issued and bond has not been set.
    JAIL OFFICIALS said Vinson is not allowed visitors and has not requested an attorney.
    Vinson was arrested at the front parking lot of Anderson Memorial Hospital about 4:15 a. m. Sunday as Cantrell lay bleeding to death in his station wagon. Cantrell was stabbed 26 times. Each of several wounds were serious enough to cause death and he died a few minutes after reaching the hospital emergency room.
    VINSON TOLD police that he hid himself in his wife's car, remaining there several hours while she drove to a place where he heard a dance in progress, and then on to the hospital. He got out and waited on the hospital steps until she returned about 4 a. m. with Cantrell. Vinson said he rushed to the car and began stabbing Cantrell with a Boy Scout hunting knife. Mrs. Vinson ran to the hospital and called police.
    Mrs. Cantrell, who was working the "D" shift at Fiberglas, was notified of her husband's death when she left the plant at 7 a. m. at the end of the shift.

SOURCE: News article, Anderson, South Carolina, Anderson Daily Mail, 7 July 1964 (Tuesday), p. 7.
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